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Elite Training for Military

Elite military training begins

We are happy to share with you news of our new project Elite Training for Military. The training has already reached the second block of classes. Ukraine’s future military trainers have gained an important portion of the practical information they need and have passed tests of strength. Soon with all their acquired knowledge and skills they will be be able to help others become additional military trainers.

With support from a benefactor we have provided the guys with branded T-shirts for training.

In the second block of theoretical lessons, the soldiers were taught the three standards of preparedness in CrossFit, the 10 physical qualities, three energy systems, and the muscular system. For the military personnel it was an opportunity to understand the universality of CrossFit training. After all, versatility is one of the main advantages of CrossFit, something unique to this system and one of the factors that makes it so popular worldwide.
To further reinforce your practical knowledge, this short video, albeit not great quality, still help with understanding the work Mariupol gym L-fitness does during its Sunday training.

We hope our project will not only eventually expand to other cities and be provided to other military units, but will inspire changes in the overall system of physical military training. A change in approach to physical training has been needed for a long time. We have to seize every opportunity to improve the professionalism of Ukraine’s defenders.
Get involved in the project and support Ukraine’s military in an effort to become stronger and better trained than ever before.

11/04/2016T-shirts for military50 5 000.00delivered to participants
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Project Completed

Elite Training for Military

A project for training military instructors in CrossFit

152 510 UAH (3 850 USD) needed
100% raised
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