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Elite Training for Military

120 people donated
152 510 uah (3 764 USD)
of 152 510 uah (3 763 USD)
100% raised
Updated 31.10.2016 at 15:00
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Why is it important?

Ukraine’s army is only beginning to revive. There is still a lot of work to be done. Now the primary weapon and reason Ukraine’s military is holding its own in the face of Russian aggression is simple – selflessness and patriotism. For two years, The People’s Project, with the support of ordinary people and organizations has put the needs of Ukraine’s military first, providing equipment, vehicles, defenses, treatment for wounded and generally helping in any way it can to plug the gaps in what was a depleted force. We do our best to add to the dedication and strength of character Ukraine’s military still mostly relies on.
Unfortunately the system at a state level has changed very little. And this applies not only to equipment, but also military training. For tactical skills, soldiers must be in peak physical shape. After all, war is taxing both mentally and physically. Given that a sedentary or inactive lifestyle is a common problem today, the vast majority of men need to put in the hard work in order to be in the necessary physical form. In everyday life, people may not notice their lack of fitness, but when the battle cry rings to fight a lack of physical fitness becomes all too obvious.
People’s Project activists come from many different walks of life and are have long been engaged in helping Ukraine’s armed forces, some have extensive experience in training athletes, and it is them who have decided to launch the project "Elite Training for Military", based on the world-renowned CrossFit model.

Why CrossFit?

The CrossFit program has proven its effectiveness. Over the past few years, the military the United States, Canada, Denmark, and other countries have adopted it as the basic method of fitness training for soldiers and the number of countries using it continues to grow. Many specialists believe CrossFit with its multi-pronged approach to building both physical and mental agility can help in training the military.

Crossfit-other armys

The main advantage of the program is its versatility. Exercise is cyclically constructed so that the type of weight carried is constantly changing due to the function of exercises being high intensity. The program combines strength training with weights and barbell exercises and transitions to jumping, running, and so on. Crossfit aims to make people simultaneously stronger, hardier, more coordinated and intuitive. It provides a variety of exercises that make the program both interesting and challenging.


The purpose of the project

The main objective of the project to help as many soldiers who want to improve your fitness, get this professional help. But how? Objectively, our coaches can not help everyone. But they can prepare more trainers!
The Marines, the "Tourists" aka Naval Intelligence, the Coastal Artillery, the 79th Brigade, the National Guard and the 10th Brigade of Naval Aviation have all chosen representatives who will embark on a three-month training course with our trainers. The task of the trainers during the course is to explain to the cadets the basics of anatomy and mechanics of movement, and reveal the essence of the methodology of CrossFit. It has been specially adapted to become a military trainers program, is at their level and specific.
After completion of training, the military personnel will be able to train colleagues in their military units. So everyone who passes through our three-month course will help dozens of their colleagues and become a kind of full-time coach of his military unit.

Training crossfit

Training under the project will take place in Mykolaiv at the club L-Fitness. The three months of military training will be conducted under the close supervision of our trainers and project initiators Valeri Kisel and Olena Savchenko. They are converts of the method, and will be doing everything possible to clearly convey information to students. We are confident that the program will be challenging, but very effective and useful for the military.

Inside both

Valery and Olena constantly improve their skills, take part in competitions, attend seminars abroad, and have years of experience training athletes. It is difficult to feel sorry for those who have the opportunity to learn from these coaches. Their wealth of experience means that from the very first sessions, they will be able to pique the interest of their students and "infect" with their enthusiasm.

Inside last

Where does the money go?

The first test of the course of military trainers in CrossFit is already being conducted and involves 20 soldiers. The training base is the Mykolaiv sports club L-Fitness. Courses are conducted under two experienced coaches. At this stage, fundraising is going towards tuition at a special price. In the case of successful completion of training, the project can be expanded with a view to complete units of equipment necessary for employment of the CrossFit method.

  • 21September2016

    Project budget increased by UAH 81 510. The training of second course has commenced.

  • 01July2016

    Project budget reduced by UAH 6 000. The initial amount was calculated assuming 100% attendance by all students. However, sometimes soldiers could not attend due to service duties. Thus total expenses for training amounted to 66 000 UAH.

First group
Three-month training course for trainers in CrossFit
Three-month training course for trainers in CrossFit
paid 100%
20/20 People
66 000 UAH
T-shirts for military
T-shirts for military
paid 100%
50/50 un.
5 000 UAH
Second group
Three-month training course for trainers in CrossFit
Three-month training course for trainers in CrossFit
paid 100%
21/21 People
75 600 UAH
T-shirts for military and coaches
T-shirts for military and coaches
paid 100%
59/59 un.
5 910 UAH

Totally:   152 510.00 UAH


Questions and answers

Questions and answers on method of payment and reporting

Raised: 152 510 UAH(3 764 USD)
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Spent 152 510 UAH(3 764 USD)
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152 510 UAH (3 764 USD)
In kind contributions
DateItemQ-tyUAH equivalentComment
21/09/16T-shirts for military and coaches595910 UAHSponsorship
07/04/16T-shirts for military505000 UAHSponsorship
Total: 10 910 UAH (269 USD)
Settlement account 26004053221029
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13/12/1614:281 000 UAH
12/12/1620:4240 UAH ******6075
05/12/1619:40500 UAHVia Privat24
05/12/1612:04100 UAH ******5324
03/12/1612:59500 UAH ******6731
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152 510 UAH (3 764 USD)
Current project spending
10/01/2017CrossFit course II (students)4 14 400.00paid for military unit В2137
10/01/2017CrossFit course II (students)7 25 200.00paid for military unit А2802
09/11/2016CrossFit course II (students)7 25 200.00paid for military unit 3039
09/11/2016CrossFit course II (students)3 10 800.00paid for military unit А2488
21/09/2016T-shirts for military and coaches59 5 910.00delivered to participants
01/07/2016CrossFit course for 4 persons (classes)44 13 200.00paid for military unit 3039
01/07/2016CrossFit course for 4 persons (classes)43 12 900.00paid for military unit В1474
01/07/2016CrossFit course for 1 person (classes)9 2 700.00paid for military unit А2488
01/07/2016CrossFit course for 2 persons (classes)23 6 900.00paid for military unit А1430
01/07/2016CrossFit course for 2 persons (classes)21 6 300.00paid for military unit А1688
01/07/2016CrossFit course for 1 person (classes)11 3 300.00paid for military unit А2062
01/07/2016CrossFit course for 6 persons (classes)69 20 700.00paid for military unit А2802
11/04/2016T-shirts for military50 5 000.00delivered to participants
Total: 152 510.00 UAH (3 764 USD)