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Upgrade InformNapalm

First OSNIT-expert receives devices for his investigations

We are close to the target as part of the Upgrade InformNapalm project. Another OSINT expert from the volunteer association InformNapalm received new equipment to conduct investigations. This means more inquiries, more information about the enemy, and further evidence of a planned aggression against Ukraine. Thanks to the efficient flow of information it is extremely difficult for enemy soldiers to hide their war crimes.


On the webpage of InformNapalm regularly publishes results of new investigations. Anyone with access to the internet can see this information and thanks to the combined forces of volunteer translators these articles are available to readers from across the world.

Langauge inside

The fighting on the information front and ongoing work of OSINT-experts looks set, alas, to continue for a prolonged period of time and will not lose its relevance. We thank all who understand the importance of InformNapalm and support the project. Any assistance is important. We are left with a little more to raise before all experts will be provided with the necessary equipment.

29/06/2016Laptop Lenovo Z70-80 (80FG00DXUA) Black1 20 100.00delivered to InformNapal
29/06/2016Logitech Wireless Mouse M175 Black1 300.00delivered to InformNapal
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Project Completed

Upgrade InformNapalm

Fundraising for technological needs of InformNapalm volunteers to improve the mobility and efficiency of this expert community.

114 157 UAH (4 413 USD) needed
100% raised
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