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First People’s Special Trooper

Flashlights for special forces unit

For special forces soldiers it is all about attention to detail. Even the smallest detail takes on great importance when these pros are at work, especially when it comes to performing combat missions. Tactical flashlights are one tool in any military arsenal that help in shedding some light on those details and now they will help the soldiers of Alpha go about their work.
It is not the first time we extend our thanks to Mykoliav company Wild Garden for their assistance and support of this project.

26/02/2015Tactical flashlights Fenix PD12 T610 0.00delivered to Alpha special forces
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Project Completed

First People’s Special Trooper

Equipment for 200 special troopers of the Main Reconnaissance Department of Ukraine - sponsored by Ukraine's IT sector

military unit А0680, A0224, A2062, Alpha
761 245 UAH (31 871 USD) needed
100% raised
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