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Mariupol Defenders

Here are the Marines, or one day from the front life

Written by Serg Marko

Morning. We walk through the field. Cannons roar slightly to the right. It is usual Mariupol morning. Constant fights and gunshots. Scout in front of us does not even pay any attention. From time to time he makes remarks.

“Arrival. Exit. This get to the first squadron. They pour, and try to drive our soldiers to a dugout…”


All suburbs of Mariupol look like this now

Nowadays silence does not exist near Mariupol. We walk through the field. Mills are spinning on the horizon. The arrivals of the enemy artillery can be seen in a field. The funnels of all sizes could be found here.

“Through this place run quickly run and duck”, – commanding the scout, and shows us a remarkable example. We get out to the open space, which can bee seen and reached by the enemy. It is not a good idea to stay here for too long…


Yes, it was purchased by volunteers

We run through a dangerous area, and jump to the trenches. Suddenly I come across a pair of The People’s Project binoculars. The machine gun, which hangs at the entrance to the blindage, is equipped with The People’s Project collimator. Ukrainian battalion. Ukrainian Marines.

Suddenly something explodes just near. We falls on the bottom of the trench.

“SPG!” – screams the soldies running along the trenches.

“So they did noticed us on our way here. It is too far for the gun. They rarely shoot. And this time even used SPG-9”, – scout laughs.


Loud noise sounds once again. It is a polite response. Ukrainian SPG flew towards the enemy. No one can attack Ukrainian marines without punishment. Somewhere far away can be heard sounds of explosion, and we go to the blindage. We want to write down the needs of soldiers, and have a cup of tea. We sit with cups, and watch after the smoke over the enemy positions 3 kilometers on our left.


Legendary SPG on a background

“Yellow and white smoke. If we really hit something the smoke would be black. Ammunition and equipment burn differently. Seems like they set fire to the fields again”, – calmly sipping tea sad the scout.

From the marines side grenade launchers and machine guns begin to work. The loud noise, and to Marines arrive a new mine. One second, and a battle continues. Here in the fields are hiding soldiers, who went through the winter shelling in the frozen ground. They constantly move to the side of the enemy, despite everything, that enemy tries to oppose to them. In here people get accustomed to the constant battles, and take them for granted. For the last 7 months this has been the hottest spot of the ATO area.

Here are the Marines.

You can help Ukrainian marines to win. For a charitable contributions, collected in terms of The Mariupol Defenders Project, we buy all necessary equipment for the marines battalion, which keeps defense at Mariupol, and protects this wonderful Ukrainian city against the enemy invasion. Join the project to support Ukrainian Marines, who totally worth it.

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Project Completed

Mariupol Defenders

Equipping the infantry battalion of the 36th separate brigade of marines protecting the city of Mariupol.

Military unit 2802
2 623 510 UAH (94 934 USD) needed
100% raised
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