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“Karatyel” (The Chastener)

Karatyel results for July. How it’s working

It has become a tradition. The work of the application Karatyel brings more and more results, and cooperation with authorities is gaining momentum. And everywhere the project works, the more interesting details we learn about those who perform their work, and who is waiting for lustration. So, our team of lawyers share statistics for July.

To the third rating of the All-Ukrainian book of complaints Karatyel included 95 public institutions and private entities that offered poor treatment to our users in July 2017. It should be noted that this list of performers is almost a quarter higher than the previous one — for June.

Recall the rating system of Karatel is formed monthly by the estimates of people who have used the same mobile app to claim offenses and have already received an answer to their appeal.

Under the rating included the Office of the Patrol Police and Police Departments of  the cities of Ukraine, oblast state administrations, city councils and their departments, Kyivavtodor, Kyivpostrans, Kyivmiskvitlovo, Kyivdorservis, Dniprovodokanal, district administrations and subordinate communal enterprises, the State Service for Food Safety and consumer protection, regional departments of the Road Service.

Last month, to help deal with the problems of their cities Karatyel grappled with the problems of users in Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv and Odesa.


In July, the Department of Urban Development and Architecture of the Kyiv City State Administration, the Department of Infrastructure and the improvement of the Zaporizhia City Council and the Kyiv AutoDor were awarded the title of “all applications executed 100%”. They received more than one application and responded effectively to each one. Around 100% was the District Administration of the Zaporizhia City Council in the Khortitskiy District (at 5 applications – 90%).

The largest demand in July was used by the District Administration of the Zaporizhia City Council in the Oleksandrivskiy district (34 applications) and the Department of Transport Infrastructure of the KSCA (30 applications). It is noteworthy that almost the same number of applications, the quality of processing is higher in the district administration of Zaporozhia (60%), than in the department of the city’s city council (45%).


However, the leader in aggregate direction of appeals is the Office of Patrol Police in Kyiv – 65 applications. Despite this hype, the institution managed by Sergeant Police Yuri Zozulya never reacted by sending an unsubscribe. Though their colleagues from Lviv and Sumy have no problems with passing resolutions for violation of parking rules. Thus, in the Police Department in Lviv, which is headed by Police Lieutenant Anton Puzirevsky, they have dealt with nine appeals for July (78%); and the Patrol Police Department in Sumy, headed by Police Lieutenant Andriy Gorbachevsky, has processed our four applications (100%).


We see positive dynamics in cooperation with district state administrations of Kyiv. In July, 10 metropolitan districts responded to our appeals, and for the first time each of them has an efficiency of over 65%. The largest number of responses – five – we received from Desniansky district, whose acting head is Viktor Krokhmalyuk. The effectiveness of the response of this body reached 70%. But the main “Khatruschik” of the previous rating Pechersk District State Administration in July was the best in quality: subordinates Sergei Martynchuk fulfilled all the tasks assigned to them.

Also, I would like to highlight the approach of Volodymyr Karetka’s subordinates, who cares for Svyatoshinsky district: the performers constantly add a photo-test of the works. This, in turn, allows us to keep track of our successes with you.

You see, friends, gradually, the ice melts between the people and the authorities. And we’re glad to help accelerate this process! The application Karatyel can be installed absolutely free on iTunes and from Google Play. And although it’s completely free, do not forget that the whole team is working on the project – so press the green button and help the project!

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“Karatyel” (The Chastener)

Development and maintenance of mobile applications for legal assistance to citizens who are faced with violations of their rights.

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