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Refitting Netishyn

Netishyn returns: ship set to rejoin Ukrainian Navy

A benched ship is set to rejoin the Ukrainian Navy – the restored and repaired Netishyn. Some time ago we opened the Refitting Netishyn project, a fundraiser to turn the old tub into a vessel capable of fending off Russian invaders on the water. As it was, the beaten-up and rusty Netishyn was literally crumbling to pieces, and could not perform any military tasks. The vessel was to be transported to dry dock for repairs and that is where things stalled. All attempts to bring Netishyn to the dock and begin restoration came across resistance and sabotage by the old naval leadership. Now, with the Navy headed by the patriotic Ukrainian officer Igor Voronchenko, the case has progressed.

The Ukrainian Governement has now joined in the restoration of Netishyn. Navel leadership has conducted a tender process, which has finally identified the main contractor to perform the repairs. We, in turn, have raised funds to purchase an ICOM MR1210RII marine radar. Thanks to people’s donations, Netishyn has already been provided with an identification system for ships, aRaymarin AIS-350 with maximum specifications, a motor and fuel tank, a rubber launch used for the unit operational purposes, a modern radio communication system, a drainage pump, medication, and more. Despite all the hurdles we have faced in executing the Netishyn project all the equipment has been delivered under specific conditions. If the restoration continues to be an issue, we reserve the right to take these expensive devices back and transfer them to a ship that is already working and able to perform combat tasks. This issue, we continue to diligently monitor.

We must be frank in admitting the Netishyn is not the most modern ship, it is unlikely to ever become the flagship of Ukrainian navy. However, in terms of Russian aggression, any vessel that can perform combat tasks is worth its weight in gold. After repair and modernization Netishyn will serve to rebuff the invaders and then go on to serve the state.

07/09/2016Marine radar ICOM MR1210RII with LCD display, enclosed type antenna, connecting cable and mounting kit1 124 296.00delivered to military unit А 1228
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Project Completed

Refitting Netishyn

Repairing and refitting the naval ship 'Netishyn' which is tasked with protecting Ukrainian waters in the Black Sea.

124 296 UAH (4 875 USD) needed
100% raised
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