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First People’s Scout

‘Marshal’ and his scouts receive “home on wheels”

A Unimog truck, which is the main load transporting vehicle of the German Armed Forces is now at the disposal of the Ukrainian scouts. It has been transported to Mykolaiv from Poland. We have checked its capacity and are confident in its working order. So we handed the keys to the ignition to Vasyl Goloveschenko, the famous scout commander with the ‘Marshal’ call-sign. At Donetsk airport he showed a great courage, meaning the Unimog is in good hands. As well as load transporting capability, it doubles as a home on wheels. Inside the vehicle is equipped with a comfortable accommodation block with beds.

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First People’s Scout

Equipment for 79th Airborn Brigade and Reconnaissance platoon of Marine battallion scouts

military units А0224, A2777, А0666
366 469 UAH (15 343 USD) needed
100% raised
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