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People’s Attack Pilot

Essential equipment for attack aircraft – aviation navigator

He lives in Mykolaiv, rises long before dawn, goes to work on the first bus and makes his first flight at 5am. It he leads a healthy a way of life, has no bad habits and little free time. His greatest love – the sky. He’s a pilot, the pilot of attack aircraft.

We were enlisted to help attack aircraft pilots several months ago. Thanks to your support of the People’s Attack Pilot, we were able to collect the required amount of 62,859 UAH for aviation navigators.

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Why are these navigators needed?

Our assault aircraft do not fly at high altitude. And when flying at low and extremely low altitudes, there are constant difficulties with orienteering. This device will help us efficiently perform tasks and defend our country. The convenient location of buttons and the large screen means you are not distracted from piloting the plane or changing the flight path.

For one-and-a-half years, we have been completing missions without proper technical support. Finally we will be able to carry out more effective combat missions.

Expression of thanks from the 299th attack aircraft brigade can be seen in the following video (identities are protected).

These aviation navigation devices lead to serious advances for the pilots equipped with them. So please continue to support the People’s Attack Pilot project.

22/12/2015Aviation navigator Garmin GPSmap 2962 37 392.00delivered to military unit В2137
22/12/2015Antenna Garmin Low profile4 4 800.00delivered to military unit В2137
22/12/2015Power cord Garmin6 3 600.00delivered to military unit В2137
22/12/2015Charger Garmin2 1 300.00delivered to military unit В2137
22/12/2015USB programming cable4 120.00delivered to military unit В2137
22/12/2015Navigator Garmin GPSMAP3 59 259.00delivered to military unit В2137
22/12/2015Antenna Garmin Low3 3 600.00delivered to military unit В2137
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Project Completed

People’s Attack Pilot

The pilots that defend Ukrainian airspace need help

military unit В2137
604 794 UAH (23 721 USD) needed
100% raised
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