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First People’s Special Trooper

New equipment for 3rd Regiment of Special Forces

This is not the first trip our volunteers have taken to the military of the 3rd Detached Regiment of Special Forces to Kyrovograd. We have already delivered them some useful equipment and devices we have bought with money raised at the People’s Project. According to the soldiers, the supply of equipment, thanks to people’s support, is higher then it ever was and in some aspects is not inferior to that of the enemy.
This time the soldiers received ESS tactical masks, sleeping bags, sets of knee and elbow pads, warm gloves all given by sponsors and boots courtesy of an IT company from Mykolaiv

20/02/2015Tactical mask ESS15 13 800.00delivered to military unit А 0680
20/02/2015Sleeping bag 200х7015 6 075.00delivered to military unit А 0680
20/02/2015Set of knee and elbow pads15 5 775.00delivered to military unit А 0680
20/02/2015Warm gloves15 1 815.00delivered to military unit А 0680
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Project Completed

First People’s Special Trooper

Equipment for 200 special troopers of the Main Reconnaissance Department of Ukraine - sponsored by Ukraine's IT sector

military unit А0680, A0224, A2062, Alpha
761 245 UAH (31 871 USD) needed
100% raised
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