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First People’s UAV Complex

New frame for gyro-stabilized platform

Over the past few weeks we have altered the design of our UAV suspension. We have made it more durable and streamlined, and have eliminated a few design flaws discovered after testing the previous version (video).
At the moment, we are working on strengthening the design as much as possible. Of course, considering our “in house” conditions of production we are faced with some limitations and some parameters are almost impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, we persist. This kind of production and development is not a fast process and involves a lot of trial and error. Each stage has its pitfalls and problems and it takes time to address them.
However, we are certain we are moving in the right direction. At the moment the characteristics of our suspension is similar to its foreign counterparts which carry a cost exceeding tens of thousands of dollars.

Our new platform

Some characteristics of our current version:
SD day camera with x36 zoom
Thermal imager 640 × 512 with 35 mm lens
Gyro-stabilized platform
Electronic image stabilization module.
In the near future we plan to replace this camera with an HD camera and increase the focal distance of the imager lens. During trial runs we realized the 35-40 mm lens at a distance of five hundred meters fails to deliver the results needed.

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Project Completed

First People’s UAV Complex

The first Ukrainian complex for aerial reconnaissance and monitoring of enemy movements

737 400 UAH (20 164 USD) needed
100% raised
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