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Help Me Breathe

Newborns need our help. Fundraising for purchase of gas analyzer is on

Within the Help Me Breathe project, we continue to raise funds for purchase of gas analyzer for Kyiv Perinatal Center №3. This essential device allows to control gases proportion in the blood of both mothers and their newborn kids both during labors and under critical conditions when resuscitation procedures are to be appointed quickly.

Such a thorough approach enhanced by gas analyzer data will allow doctors to perform even the most complicated deliveries with minimum consequences for a kid as well as to minimize risks endangering babies with catastrophic outcome for their whole lifetime. Ms. Iryna Kostina, head of the Neonatal Unit, tells about the device in details.

The device we are going to buy, provides the full picture of gas percentage in the body. Moreover, the apparatus is designed for such a prompt application that it can be used immediately during the delivery, with no need to wait until a baby’s born, thus allowing to save precious time necessary for its rescue. Such a balanced approach based on the gas analyzer data will enable doctors to perform even the most complicated delivery with minimum harmful outcome for babies and diminish the risks that may bring in catastrophic consequences for their future health.

The device itself along with consumables costs 245 thousand hryvnias. Naturally, it would be silly to expect purchasing it by any state bodies, as the maternity house is the municipal property. The officials will most likely keep juggling the applications and requests for months, with no hope for satisfying these. This only means dozens of kids will keep suffering during this period of time. To raise the amount at the expense of a few friends’ contributions looks rather unrealistic as well: many of us never earn the comparable sum in a whole year. But as volunteers we have a particular way of action that has already proven effective many times. Suppose every one of us joins the initiative and donates at least a couple, a dozen or a hundred hryvnias into it, – thus we’ll manage to accumulate the necessary amount quite easily, as our previous experience testifies. No doubt that our shared effort is going to result in the situation when newborn citizens of Ukraine’s capital will come into this world enjoying sound health and having avoided severe threats to it. In a sense, these kids belong to all of us, so we cannot afford staying aside from their troubles, can we?

Dear friends, lately we have published the first project report on the funds raised. You will be able to see it if you follow the link.

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Project Completed

Help Me Breathe

Fundraising for the blood gas and electrolyte analyzer for the Department of Intensive Care of Kyiv Maternity Home #3

244 369 UAH (8 842 USD) needed
100% raised
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