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Reconnaissance and Alpha Squad

More equipment for Alpha

From the first days the Ukrainian Volunteer Center The People’s Project help different army units. It so happened that some specific needs of special forces units, military units and intelligence services are fulfilled with help of volunteers as well. Government provide them with basics, but sometimes, for quick and efficient work those military professionals need a little support from the volunteers’ side.


Recently we purchased a bunch of a specific equipment and transferred it to one of the units of the Security Service of Ukraine Special Group “Alpha” or Alpha Squad. We have no right to disclose any information or territorial location of this unit. The biggest part of an equipment was immediately transferred to the unit, so there are no photos of it. Some equipment is on the photos below. A complete list of purchases you will find in a document below this article.

This unit always in the epicenter of military actions at both sides of the front line. Alpha experts care of the military operations and elimination of the enemy, and we help them with necessary equipment and clothes. Anyone who had to perform winter forced marches in an army boots will understands the importance of quality thermal underwear or socks.


High quality, warm and comfortable socks

Also, we purchased protective and hiking equipment for the unit, such as: travel accessories, tactical backpacks, protective capes, improved outfit for the field life, and a variety of heating pads, mats, torches, three-point operational belts for weapon, and even a body armor. We try to provide this unit with all necessary equipment to withstand an autonomous few days long crusades and conduct combat operations with a minimal risk.


Body armor along with special cases


Tactical belts can be incredibly useful for those, who know how to use them properly, such as the Alpha fighters

On top of that we purchased high-tech equipment, such as protected tablets, memory cards, and electronic car gear.


A few tablest were sent to the unit before the photo was made

Also we covered the maintenance of one of the cars of the Alpha squad. A car got main mechanisms repaired, tires replaced, oil and other liquids changed.


The van got repared

Volunteers help Alpha, because they protect Ukraine, and we all do one job. This is why we have to help each other. Ordinary people who have make donations, and individual philanthropists, who understand the specifics, and necessity of special forces always actively support special units of Ukrainian Army.

All the equipment mentioned in this article is purchased exclusively at the expense of the sponsorship money. Those people people are familiar with the activities of The People’s Project. They approved the transparency of reporting system of the project, and revealed a complete trust to our volunteer fund. This time donators transferred money to The Reconnaissance and Alpha Squad Project. Even though this project is already finished and closed all donated money were spent for the needs of Alpha Squad, according to a wish of benefactors. For future reference we suggest an alternative. Join a current The Rapid Response Project. In terms of this project we now help soldiers of units, who keep the defense at the front line, and various special services units.

We all do the same job for the better future.

21/02/2017Winter (white) balaclavas12 1 620.00delivered to Alpha squad
21/02/2017Backpack Rain Cover, 30L24 4 320.00delivered to Alpha squad
21/02/2017Backpack Rain Cover, 80L24 5 280.00delivered to Alpha squad
21/02/2017Tablet Sigma mobile X-treme PQ701 4 888.00delivered to Alpha squad
21/02/2017Memory card Transcend micro SDXC 64GB2 1 358.00delivered to Alpha squad
21/02/2017Thermal underwear12 30 000.00delivered to Alpha squad
21/02/2017Plate carrier Plastoon12 35 640.00delivered to Alpha squad
21/02/2017Chemical warmers400 5 200.00delivered to Alpha squad
21/02/2017Camping burner FM5 9 800.00delivered to Alpha squad
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Project Completed

Reconnaissance and Alpha Squad

Help reconnaissance and Alpha squad

military units А1302, А3283, А2076, 3066 and Alpha
1 844 829 UAH (66 756 USD) needed
100% raised
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