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Back to Fight! 2

New sight for call sign Marshal

A trip by People’s Project activists to the warzone was very productive. Two units of the well-known 79th Brigade received new optical gear.

For an old friend of the Project, known by the call sign Marshal, we delivered a new EOTech Holographic weapon sight to replace his Holosun, that served him well in numerous battles.
Old and new

We gave him the Holosun sight last year and it still works great, but the time for an upgrade has come. The new holographic EOTech is a completely new level. The sighting mark in the EOTech is replaced with a hologram, that is clearly visible in any light conditions. This is just one of the many benefits of EOTech that will come handy to Marshal.

For the second battalion of 79th Brigade, in addition to the new sight for Marshall, we delivered a Armasight Sirius night vision monocular, a Bushnell x24 optical sight, a Pulsar HD50S imager, BelOmo night vision goggles for the Airport 2015 project, a helmet mount and rifle mounts for sights.

Marshal bushnell good

This time People’s Project also visited the reconnaissance unit of the first battalion of the 79th Brigade. Its commander Pavlo Chayka is already a legendary figure. Despite his young age he has become a full knight of the Order For Courage. Thanks to the help of our sponsors now his unit has two brand new Bushnell x24 rifle scopes.

Chaika two scopes

We have no doubt that all the gear is in good hands. The fighters of both divisions have long proved their fighting ability and professionalism and stories of their courage are well known in Ukraine. Thus we invite you to support the project and equip soldiers with all necessary gear.

20/07/2015Night vision monoculars Armasight Sirius IDI MG1 25 110.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Holographic weapon sight EOTech 65MOA XPS2-01 16 560.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Riflescope Bushnell ET6245F 6-24x50 FFP 30mm1 21 569.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Thermal imager Pulsar Quantum HD 50S1 79 860.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Armasight Helmet Mount1 4 238.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Tactical Low mounts SCTM-16 30mm1 233.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015 Side mount with Picatinny rail1 243.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Side dovetail mount pate rail1 162.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Riflescope Bushnell ET6245F 6-24x50 FFP 30mm2 43 138.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Tactical Low mounts SCTM-16 30mm2 466.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Side mount with Picatinny rail2 486.00delivered to military unit А0224
20/07/2015Side dovetail mount pate rail2 324.00delivered to military unit А0224
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Project Completed

Back to Fight! 2

Supplying combat units with essential equipment.

military units А0224, А1430, Alpha
1 589 894 UAH (57 531 USD) needed
100% raised
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