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Second People’s Sniper

Optical devices for 101st detached guard brigade

Recently People’s Project volunteers visited the the 101st detached guard brigade of the General staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We had carefully prepared prior to the visit and did not come empty-handed. Courtesy of the Second People’s Sniper project volunteers delivered red dot sights, a laser target marker and modular handguards.
These devices have been delivered to the soldiers to improve their skills during training, which will help the guys to prepare on their military base and hone their marksmanship.
We wish our defenders success in training and to put that training to use in the successful implementation of combat tasks!

11/06/2015HOLOSUN HS403A red dot sight10 16 987.20delivered to military unit А0139
11/06/2015Vector Optics Diamond SCRD-17 red dot sight5 9 601.70delivered to military unit А0139
11/06/2015Vector Optics Extreme red dot sight5 11 860.90delivered to military unit А0139
11/06/2015TAC Vector Optics Laser target marker2 3 925.40delivered to military unit А0139
11/06/2015Modular handguard for AK22 6 600.00delivered to military unit А0139
11/06/2015Maxell CR2032 batteries20 94.60delivered to military unit А0139
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Project Completed

Second People’s Sniper

Modern equipment for 40 professional snipers to be deployed to ATO zone.

military unit А0139, А0666
993 507 UAH (41 596 USD) needed
100% raised
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