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People’s Project officially completes another charitable project

We officially announce the completion of the People’s Project initiative Bloodmobile. The reason for this is the project has finally switched into active work mode, the car was rebuilt, and it has already gone in to combat duty on the front.

The project, Bloodmobile, gave us invaluable experience as in two months we completed the campaign for the total donations needed from individual benefactors and during that time more than 500,000 UAH was collected. We took an active part in the process of the actual purchase of the car itself and additional equipment, organized the registration of all necessary permits and documents, and paid for further repairs and retrofitting of the car for the needs of the project. In the end, Bloodmobile was ready to roll and went to the front, where is is saving the lives of Ukraine’s wounded defenders.

At this stage, we, The People’s Project, completely cease participation in the further development of the Bloodmobile project. We have completed our collection before the actual purchase of the car and we do not intend to continue it further in any other form or for any other project needs. We completely cease to cooperate with charitable organizations that had a close relationship as co-organizers of the Bloodmobile project, therefore, it would not be worthwhile to associate The People’s Project with the subsequent activities of the project. From now on, Bloodmobile lives its own independent life.

To you, who significantly helped us with the project – by donation, equipment, or at least with a good word – we express our sincere and deep gratitude. This is exactly where your donations directly save the lives of the fighters. We sincerely hope that the co-organizers will be able to provide further project activities, and from time to time we will be publishing news about the fate and achievements of the Bloodmobile in the ATO zone. The whole project was made possible only through the help of people, so it is clear that we will have some control of the situation and expect some regular reporting on what 500,000 UAH was spent on.

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Project Completed


Fundraising for the purchase of vehicle and equipment for Bloodmobile that will deliver donated blood for transfusion in the area of ATO.

520 792 UAH (20 012 USD) needed
100% raised
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