People’s Blindage

July 25, 2016

People’s Project reinforced bunker constructed in Avdiivka

People’s Project reinforced bunker constructed in Avdiivka

Two reinforced bunkers of our own design have been delivered by volunteers to Ukrainian soldiers on the front at the Butivka mine near Avdiivka. Funding was provided by The People’s Project thanks to donations from the people of Ukraine and further afield.

One dugout has already been constructed, building the other is on hold due to almost constant shelling by the Russian invaders.

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One of the soldiers using the bunker, which protects against attacks, shared his experiences with volunteers.

“Thanks to The People’s Project for this dugout. It was very convenient to constuct quickly. Even under attack from shelling…during the attacks we built the dugout and had time to reflect. More dugouts would make things very comfortable for us,” the soldier said.

According to the Ukrainian defender, the soldiers feel more secure in the dugout than in the trenches. He also stressed that these bunkers are well designed (video in Ukrainian).

Currently living in the bunker are six soldiers. All the soldiers feel quite comfortable. However, each bunker is designed for 10 people, so potentially can accommodate an additional four military personnel.

The boys are in need of two more dugouts. As the fighter points out, “between us we have a lot of kids”.

We call on all concerned people to help Ukraine’s soldiers survive and win this war. Get involved.


Altogether on the project

People’s Blindage

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2 122 083 UAH (76 790 USD)

of 2 121 971 UAH (76 785 USD) needed

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