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Ukraine’s Paralympic Heroes

November 18, 2016

Photo exhibition in honor of the Ukraine’s Paralympic Heroes at the platform of the subway station Olimpiyska in Kyiv, Ukraine. Reaction in social networks

Photo exhibition in honor of the Ukraine’s Paralympic Heroes at the platform of the subway station Olimpiyska in Kyiv, Ukraine. Reaction in social networks

Photo exhibition The Champion in Everyone has become a beautiful attraction of the subway station Olimpiyska in Kyiv, Ukraine. Bright and emotional posters with photos of paralympic sportsmen will inspire passengers till the 10th of December. Photo exhibition was made possible thanks to the donations made for printing of posters. Not only the contributors paid for the printing of posters, but also they visited photo exhibition to find the poster, for which they donated their own money and make a photo near it. Projects like that encourage more people to join social projects.

For example, the philanthropist Olexandr Leonenko encourages everyone to come to the subway station Olimpiyska and see dozens of wonderful photos of famous paralympic champions. “Let me introduce you the paralympic champion of the Rio-2016 swimmer Kateryna Istomina. I was fortunate to donate money for printing poster with her photo on it”, – writes Olexandr proudly in his profile in social networks.


Olexiy Zakharchenko also shared his impressions about the exhibition. “I donated money for The Champion in Everyone exhibition, that recently opened on the platform of the subway station Olimpiyska. At the photos are represented the best moments of the Paralympic Games in Rio.”


Donator Maxym Dyzhechko called the charity for The Ukraine’s Paralympic Heroes Project just a small contribution in honor of Paralympic team of Ukraine heroes. “Our Titans. Our Superhuman. Our Patriots”, – posted Maxym on Facebook.


Igor Zhdanov supported printing of photo with Ukrainian team of the Paralympic Games heroic swimmers. “These guys were extremely successful at the Paralympic Games in Rio, breaking all imaginable and unimaginable records”, – writes Igor in his profile in social network. He describes the exhibition as very interesting, emotional and motivating.


One of the contributors Natalia Vernihora thanked in her profile in Facebook for the wonderful project, and took a photo near the poster with Natalia Cosmina, who received a gold medal in a table tennis competition. Natalia Vernihora financed printing of this particular poster.


Pavlo Bulgak traditionally supports projects that are aimed to popularize the sport in Ukraine. “I can’t, I don’t want to, I will not”, – we often tell ourselves, looking for different excuses. And they have no time for such thoughts, they work hard, crawl to their goals through the difficult trials and win”,- noticed Pavlo on Facebook.


The Ukrainian community of the Shanghai City financed the printing of several posters of paralympic sportsmen. Of course, they were unable to make a photo near the posters. But Ukrainians were pleased to share the photos with the community abroad.


It is so nice to know, that the paralympic champions themselves liked the idea of a photo exhibition so much, that they came to the platform of the subway station Olimpiyska to be photographed near the posters with their own photos. “Good idea, which is interesting to see” – wrote the paralympic champion of the Rio-2016 swimmer Kateryna Istomina on Instagram.


The silver medalist of the Paralympic Games of  Rio-2016 swimmer Yaroslav Denysenko found himself on the poster at the photo exhibition. “Now all Kyiv can see me”, – Jaroslav wrote gleefully on Instagram.


The Ukraine’s Paralympic Heroes Project collected enough money to print almost two hundreds of photos. It was not enough space to accommodate all of them at once. Therefore, the exhibition takes place in two stages. The second part of the photos will be presented at the platform of the subway station Palats Sporty in November.
We want to thank again to all the contributors of the project for their donations, that made such a beautiful social event happen.


Altogether on the project

Ukraine’s Paralympic Heroes

119 people


26 205 UAH (963 USD)

of 25 460 UAH (935 USD) needed

102% raised

Updated 05.08.2019 at 15:46
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