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Seven copters PC-1

Quadcopter for ‘Sever’ Battalion

Last week, thanks to a sponsor that paid for manufacturing of a Quadcopter PC-1, another reconnaissance UAV  was delivered to the front line. As part of the Five Quadcopters PC-1 project, we delivered a copter to the ‘Sever’ Battalion. We again emphasize drones like this are very important for successful military operations and border protection, in addition, intelligence information received in a timely fashion saves lives.
We are very pleased the unit is satisfied with the device and below they gives its feedback after testing the copter.

“When weather conditions do not allow for the use of winged UAVs, that’s when copters come into their own. They are designed to work in bad weather conditions with very low cloud cover.
Quick preparation for flight (less than three minutes), a reserve flight time of up to 40 minutes, high speed, controlled suspension and camera with zoom enables the effective and efficient implementation of numerous flights in all directions to a distance of 10 km from the launch site. The advantages of this system are obvious, because in a short time it is able to monitor a large area, and if necessary – to observe an object at a distance of up to 1 km away using cameras with zoom.
We are grateful to Ukrspecsystems and The People’s Project volunteers for giving our unit the Quadcopter PC-1, which we have successfully tested, in bad weather and low clouds, performing tasks on the far frontier of the northern border with Russia.
Also thanks to the Border Service of Russia for kindly providing access to its military facilities, where we could try out our copter’s optical capability.”

The People’s Projectcontinues to raise funds for the production of Quadcopter PC-1 kits for use in aerial reconnaissance by Ukraine’s Army. We appeal to people to support the project.

More information can be found at this link.

For more information from the Sever Battalion itself check out this Facebook post.

15/12/2015Quadcopter PC-11 125 000.00delivered to batttalion 'Sever'
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Seven copters PC-1

Folding quadcopters of Ukrainian production for reconnaissance and surveillance operation against the enemy.

1 122 965 UAH (28 481 USD) needed
100% raised
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