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Seven copters PC-1

Quadcopter PC-1 for ‘Aydar’ battalion

One of the most popular requests we receive from Ukraine’s military is for UAVs. Weekly, someone calls requesting a drone with various different configurations.Often they need a compact, lightweight copter, which is powerful, has a secure communication channel, with high-quality camera functionality and suspension. In such cases, our kopter PC-1 is exactly what you need. It is comfortable to use, functional and meets all requirements of the military. It is especially suitable for reconnaissance. Also, it is very portable – stored in a backpack, and within two minutes the copter is ready to fly.

Aydar news 1

It is one of these copter kits we have delivered to the “Aydar” Battalion. It has already been tested at the front-line and made many successful flights. The guys are very happy with it and this gives us confidence that we are doing everything right.

In this video (in Ukrainian) we hear a few words from the military.

But we cannot provide these without your help. The Copter for “Aydar” was paid for by a benefactor and the guys appreciate it. And Ukraine’s military need many more of these “birds”. The information obtained by the military using a UAV can save more than one life. Get involved in the project – together we can provide more.

For more information about the Quadcopter PC-1 and other UAVs and gimbals visit UKRSPECSYSTEMS’ webpage.

18/03/2016Quadcopter PC-11 125 000.00delivered to military unit В2950
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Project Completed

Seven copters PC-1

Folding quadcopters of Ukrainian production for reconnaissance and surveillance operation against the enemy.

1 122 965 UAH (28 397 USD) needed
100% raised
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