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Reconnaissance and Alpha Squad

Rangefinders and thermal sights for Alpha Special Forces

Alpha SPecial Forces is an SBU special unit, whose soldiers undergo serious training, among other things they are specially trained to storm buildings and work indoors. Logically, during the war in the east Alpha Special Forces are often involved in operations where they have to storm and run indoors.

Our volunteers recently visited these real pros and delivered much needed rangefinders that have already repeatedly proven to deliver high quality work when necessary, providing exact calculations for thermal sights. The latest is a device that in the storming premises or any other object, lets you look out or around objects without being exposed to fire. Thermal sights are for mounting on automatic weapons, working both in daylight and across an infrared spectrum. Now, while on combat operations the men of the special forces will be able to see if the enemy is present or the way is clear and they are able to move on. These devices will no doubt increase the efficiency and safety of our men!

11/11/2015Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B rangefinder1 19 980.00delivered to Alpha Special Forces
11/11/2015Newcon 1800 LRM rangefinder1 14 100.00delivered to Alpha Special Forces
11/11/2015Thermal sight2 20 000.00delivered to Alpha Special Forces
11/11/2015Inspection telescopic handle for reconnaissance with camcorder2 4 000.00delivered to Alpha Special Forces
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Reconnaissance and Alpha Squad

Help reconnaissance and Alpha squad

military units А1302, А3283, А2076, 3066 and Alpha
1 844 829 UAH (66 756 USD) needed
100% raised
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