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Spare Parts and Supplies 2

Repair of military vehicles continues

Thanks to your support of the Spare Parts and Supplies 2 project, we have been able to repair more than 10 military vehicles, including the purchase of all parts needed for these repairs. However, a lot of work remains to be done. All funds received by the project is spent solely on the parts and equipment needed to repair the vehicles, those undertaking the work are doing it for free, except in a few cases where further specialized assistance is needed. This means the cost of repairs is kept to a minimum, although sometimes obtaining the necessary parts requires a road trip, we do try to locate them as easily and cheaply as possible.
From the list of repaired vehicles below, a MAZ for military unit 2062 proved to be the most problematic, however the volunteers eventually coped with the bulk of the work. While some work on the vehicle is still planned, all parts obtained thus far have been at the best price we could find.
Meanwhile, our work to bring Ukraine’s military fleet of vehicles up to scratch goes on, and on…

30/12/2015Ural repair1 961.04delivered to military unit А0224
30/12/2015Ural repair1 1 050.00delivered to military unit А0224
30/12/2015KamAZ repair1 4 297.32delivered to military unit В2970
30/12/2015Ural repair1 1 500.00delivered to military unit А0224
30/12/2015Spare parts1 1 910.88delivered to military unit В2970
30/12/2015MAZ repair1 361.92delivered to military unit А2062
30/12/2015MAZ repair1 20 256.60delivered to military unit А2062
30/12/2015ZIL-131 repair1 3 179.82delivered to military unit А2062
30/12/2015BTR-133 repair1 5 186.12delivered to military unit А0224
30/12/2015Gazell repair1 7 073.76delivered to military unit А2062
30/12/2015KraZ repair1 669.12delivered to military unit А2062
30/12/2015KraZ repair1 445.50delivered to military unit А2062
30/12/2015Mitsubishi Pajero repair1 10 000.00delivered to military unit А0224
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Project Completed

Spare Parts and Supplies 2

Ongoing repair of damaged or inoperable military machinery.

494 649 UAH (12 426 USD) needed
100% raised
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