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Upgrade InformNapalm

Russian paratroopers from 56th Guards Air Assault Brigade ready to fight in Donbas

Our friends from the international volunteer community InformNapalm continue to monitor the situation at the border regions of Ukraine and the base camps groups of Russian troops. The People’s Project have joined these volunteers to help fight on the information front. Thanks to your help, we can acquire and deliver technology Five open source intelligence experts are doing important work to aid in Ukraine’s victory. However, alarmingly, InformNapalm has gathered new information regarding the strengthening of Russian military aggression.

Thus, the largest concentration of Russian forces near the border of Ukraine are in the Rostov region, where since the beginning of spring the next rotation of forces took place – InformNapalm reports. The bulk of the Rostov group of the Russian Federation Armed Forces are still stationed in field camps in the vicinity of the bases “Kuzminskyy” and “Kadamovskiy.” On duty are tactical groups in Russia’s Southern Military District, military units mainly concentrated in the Millerovskye area of Russia’s Western Military District are representatives of military units of Airborne troops and the coastal fleet.

These areas under close monitoring are populated by professional military – the Armed Forces Command and Western partners. However, InformNapalm emphasize some interesting points marked OSINT-intelligence community volunteer.

As a result of exploration of open sources in the Rostov region in the vicinity of the “Kuzminskyy” base is a new task force of Russian troops. They showed that a unit from the 56th Guards Air Assault Brigade (a / h 74 507, the place of deployment n / Kamyshin, Volgograd region) and airborne troops, which were transferred to the Rostov region in early May 2016.

According InformNapalm, the task force of a landing-assault battalion, reinforced scouts and snipers, and support units of that military connection.



The main source of the information leakage is “amateur photographer” and contract soldier with the 56th Brigade’s air assault squd Sergeant Alexey Alekseev (real name Seregin), who is in the “Rostov mission”, the InformNapalm investigation said .

Since May, the project Upgrade InformNapalm, has help the volunteers to fight the Russian information war. Last week we handed over two HP ProBook laptops and components for two of the five OSINT InformNapalm experts. One of the laptops went to Georgia the gathering of intelligenge information by Irakli Komahidze, a staunch Euromaidan supporter.

inside 1

Another laptop was transferred to another expert in Ukraine. This technology we were only able to buy because of you – the people who have contributed to opposition to the Kremlin aggressors on the information front.

inside 2

This month we will add more to information war’s arsenal through our Upgrade InformNapalm project, you help “arm” information warriors. Cash flow for the project is fully transparent, all income and expenses can easily be in our online report.

The fighting continues in the information field and your support is essential. At this point the project has raised 69% of the required amount. The outstanding amount is quite a bit – about 28,000 UAH. However, we are quickly collecting the money and putting together the necessary equipment to help intelligence efficiently perform their work.

We would be grateful for support of the project by clicking:

14/06/2016Laptop HP ProBook 470 G3 (P4P66EA)1 15 600.00delivered to InformNapalm
14/06/2016Kingston SODIMM DDR3-1600 4096MB memory card2 996.00delivered to InformNapalm
14/06/2016Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB2 3 640.00delivered to InformNapalm
14/06/2016Maiwo external drive for HDD 2.52 540.00delivered to InformNapalm
14/06/2016Laptop HP ProBook 450 G3 (P4P46EA)1 14 978.00delivered to InformNapalm
14/06/2016Mouse A4 Tech F3 V-Track1 410.00delivered to InformNapalm
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Upgrade InformNapalm

Fundraising for technological needs of InformNapalm volunteers to improve the mobility and efficiency of this expert community.

114 157 UAH (4 413 USD) needed
100% raised
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