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April 04, 2017

“Russians, we have no time for a sorrow” or new attacks of russian enemy at Donbas

“Russians, we have no time for a sorrow” or new attacks of russian enemy at Donbas

Act of terrorism in a St. Petersburg subway once again reminded Ukrainians of a real priorities in terms of war with a russian aggressor. Almost every day at the front line Ukrainian defenders are killed by russian invaders. Events of the last few days at Avdiyivka and Mariupol – the hottest spots of ATO area now – is the object of our greatest concern. This is not a speculation on a blood. This is the matter of security of Ukraine.


According to the information from volunteer Martin Brest there were more than 20 attacks during the last night at Avdiyivka. Ukrainian defenders were shelled with mortars of both calibers. Enemy snipers also tried to shoot, but fortunately have not succeed.

The defender of 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade Olexandr Pedak died near Avdiyivka on 30th of March from the explosion of a mortar projectile. Video with a soldier follows. He was a hero, who wanted to free Donbas from the invaders.

“Russian enemy attack peaceful areas of Avdiyivka, and they will pay for that”, – said Olexandr.

According to an unconfirmed information, another defender died last night after he hit enemy’s stretch.

On top of that, for the past 7 days Avdiyivka remains without electricity. Because of the absence of safety at the so-called DNR it is no possibility to restore electricity and water supplies. In a perspective of this situation the complaints of a russian citizen Olena Vorobey, that she was “banned from visiting Ukraine for 3 years and kept without water for 4 hours”, sound more than ridiculous.


However, yesterday the epicenter of a confrontation was at the Mariupol direction. Enemy shelled Ukrainian defenders near Berezove with 82mm caliber mortars, anti-aircraft installation ZU-23-2, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. They shelled Ukrainian marines near Hnutovo and Vodyane with IFV. Also, enemy snipers operated actively at the area of Hnutovo. The biggest number of attacks took place at Shyrokyne. Enemy shelled positions of Armed Forces of Ukraine for 9 times with riffles and machine guns.

According to the information from volunteer Martin Brest, yesterday occupational forces lost two important figures at Shyrokynoho.

Together, we can stop russian enemy, who shot civilians and shell Ukrainian military. Your donations to The Mariupol Defenders Project help to fullfil the most urgent needs of Ukrainian Marines, who hinder the invasion of the enemy at the front line.

Your contribution is an investment into the security of Ukraine.

Help Ukrainian defenders at the front line, who protect the civilians.


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