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“Karatyel” (The Chastener)

Social issues solving App launched by volunteers

Volunteers of The People’s Project initiated the start of a new The “Karatyel” (Chastener) Project. The aim of the new project is to provide legal assistance to citizens, who faced violations of their rights.

The Karatyel Project is a free mobile application, which can be installed on any mobile device. App allows to complain in a few touches about any issues, such as extortion, rudeness, violation of parking rules, selling of expired goods, smoking in public restaurants, violence, pit on a road etc. Any complaint submitted to the project remains anonymous. The lawyers of the project take care of a complaint themselves, and address it to the appropriate government agency or private entities. The answer can be traced in the app.

A press conference dedicated to the launch of the project took place at the Ukrainian crisis Media Center on April 20th. The chairman of the social organization Fundation.101 Andriy, along with the head of the Ukrainian Volunteer Center The People’s Project Maxym Ryabokon presented to the public an interactive service Karatyel, and answered some questions about the project.


Spreading of the word helps to attract attention to the problem and make it public, but complaints at social networks are rarely efficient. Unfortunately, its often in vain. In order to achieve real results solving a problem there is a need to operate in a legal field.

However, people often face with the lack of knowledge of law and shortage of time to deal with the intricacies of legislation. To help such active citizens volunteers developed a social mobile application Karatyel. With this app anyone can take a picture or shoot a video of almost any kind of rights violation, and send this information to a team of professional lawyers. In return lawyers will proceed an application form, and send an appeal to a relevant state authority or a private structure, which is obliged to resolve the issue. A user can view the reply in an app in his mobile.

The task is simple, to open the app and provide us with information. The rest will do the app. One click on your smartphone is able to punish the guilty one.

For the moment 7 types of complaints are available on an app. There are: extortion, rudeness, selling of expired goods, violation of parking rules, smoking in public restaurants, pit on a road, and vandalism.


Screenshot of Karatyel

Personal data of users will not be disclosed in the appeals to the authorities or private institutions.


Mobile app Karatyel is available on iTunes and Google Play for free.

The principal position of the The Karatyel Project is its accessibility and free of charge usage. That is why we launch charity fundraising for its maintenance. Financial resources are needed to pay for work of coordinator and lawyers, who will be writing complaints to institutions and resolving legal issues, and related organizational expenses, which will be reflected in the respective reports.

Only thanks to your donations we can create a simple tool to resolve the everyday issues and make the surrounding better together.

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Project Completed

“Karatyel” (The Chastener)

Development and maintenance of mobile applications for legal assistance to citizens who are faced with violations of their rights.

374 000 UAH (13 533 USD) needed
100% raised
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