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First People’s Tank

Assembly of tank frame commences

Raw metal sheets are being transformed into a tangible form. Our specialists have taken metal sheets and other spare parts and made them into what is beginning to look like a workable tank.

The work continues, but needs your financial help, because the main expenditure is still ahead.
What have the volunteers done at this point?

The gun-turret-bearing frame is made for the tank body.

1-3_1000х1000 2-2_1000х1000

After that it is attached to the body.

3-2_1000х1000 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG

Then everything is assembled.


These are the suspension system for the tracks.


Today we talked to the engineers, they promise more progress in the near future.
We are thankful to all the people, who have helped us realize this project.



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Project Completed

First People’s Tank

Fighting platform for carrying out intelligence and patrolling without direct manpower participation.

270 000 UAH (11 304 USD) needed
73% raised
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