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The fundraise for the purchase of the bloodmobile for the ATO zone is now started

The volunteers started the fund-raise for The Bloodmobile Project (dedicated to the day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) which will make it possible to promptly provide the seriously wounded soldiers in the ATO area of Ukraine with the supply of a blood and its components. The project was initiated by the Charity Fund ‘Club Dyvosvit’ and the Nationwide Youth Public Organization ‘Association of Young Donors of Ukraine” with the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and in the agreement with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. And an official fundraiser is the Ukrainian Volunteer Center The People’s Project.

“The Blood loss is one of the most common causes of the death in the area of ATO. To save as many lives of the defenders of Ukraine as possible injured soldiers need to get the help during the first hour (the so-called ‘golden’ hour) after the injury. The blood needs to be transported to the patient, not the vice versa. Since the 2014 in the area of ATO functions specially equipped vehicle, that allows to transport blood and its components in special condition of transportation. With it’s help more than two hundred lives of the men were saved. The car traveled for more than 40,000 km and carried more than 100 liters of blood and it’s components,”- said the author of The Bloodmobile Project, the Adviser to the Minister of Health doctor Rostyslav Zauralskyi during a press briefing in the Ukrainian crisis media center.


The author of The Bloodmobile Project doctor Rostyslav Zauralskyi

The active use in the extreme conditions of East of Ukraine severely weakened the existing resource of the bloodmobile. It needs to be repaired almost after every ride, which affects the efficiency of its operations. Also, one car is not enough for the rapid response at the every part of the collision even in a time of a relative calmness on the front line. So now it is extremely important to find the finances to replace the car and increase the opportunities of the medical service of the rapid response.

“Society should not forget its defenders. The Bloodmobile Project should work. We plan to implement it in three stages. At the first stage we plan to collect 457,237 UAH in 3 months for a new car and equipment. The second stage is to update the equipment in the car, that already function in the area of ATO. The third stage involves the purchase of 4 mobile blood collection stations, that will be operating in every part of Ukraine,” – said the chairman of the Charity Fund ‘Club Dyvosvit’ social activist Oksana Tyupa.


The head of the Ukrainian Volunteer Center The People’s Project Maxym Ryabokon said that The Bloodmobile Project will be not easy to implement fast, considering the time of the launch of the campaign. That’s why volunteers appeal to all the concerned people. This issue needs to be closed soon, because the lives of the Ukrainian soldiers depend on it.

“I really would like to see among the partners and sponsors the companies of the engineering industry, like Volkswagen and Mercedes, who can be co-sponsors and help us to implement all the three stages of the project,” – said Maxym Ryabokon.


Maksym Ryabokon, Oksana Tyupa and Rostyslav Zauralskyi

The volunteers mention that the exact same machines does not exist in the other countries. The collection of the equipment of the Ukrainian bloodmobile is unique. And the bloodmobile has a great potential after the war for the civil use.

Thousands of the best sons of Ukraine lost their lives in the war against the russian aggressor. And today the defenders of Ukraine on the front line continue to dedicate themselves and protect the Ukraine against the invasion with the cost of their own health and sometimes even life .
Only donations can make The Bloodmobile Project happen, and save hundreds of lives of the Ukrainian soldiers in the zone of ATO.

Online platform of The People’s Project allows to monitor the cash flow of the each project in a real time. Transparent reporting system tracks the movements of every cent.

Join The Bloodmobile Project to save life.

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Project Completed


Fundraising for the purchase of vehicle and equipment for Bloodmobile that will deliver donated blood for transfusion in the area of ATO.

520 792 UAH (20 012 USD) needed
100% raised
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