Legal Aid

March 12, 2018

Volunteers help veterans with land: the first great news!

Volunteers help veterans with land: the first great news!

Dear friends, we have got first achievements in the “Legal Aid” project. At present, there are two news, and both are good. The first one regards purely material issues: a generous contributor has donated 15 thousand hryvnias to the project, which makes one sixth of the required budget. This will allow us to partially sponsor the task we set as target in the project’s realization. The second news relates the project’s course. Over the past month, within the “Legal Aid” charitable initiative we managed to implement a considerable part of work.

According to the official documents signed by our lawyer, non-governmental organizations and the People’s Project all-Ukrainian volunteer center, our newly hired expert has proceeded a vast number of applications. To start with, the specialist analyzed certain amount of requests and systematized data on about 160 veterans’ applications. Later, the lawyer drew up the documents concerning further development of land management and drafted the corresponding applications as well as devoted time to communication with the land resources department officials responsible for the matter. Soon it will most probably come to court trials; meanwhile, our counsellor is going to proceed the rest of cases in the same way.

The cadastral map of Ukraine is the most helpful tool in defining the wishful land spot

Apart from this dry formal description, we can simply say that our expert succeeded in managing that vast quantity of refusals that came as the result of TO veterans’ individual attempts to realize the right owed to them by law and guaranteed by the state, – the right for obtaining land plots located in the capital or in its vicinity.

The larger the city, the more difficult getting a plot of land is

For today, only non-governmental organization “Kulchytskyi Battalion veterans’ union” comprises almost 400 ATO veterans who applied to it for legal aid due to the impossibility to win against the bureaucratic machine on their own: the resistance proved too high. At the stage of settling of the project’s juridical side, another three public bodies joined the “Legal Aid” initiative. As promised, we can now name their titles: these are the “Kupol Charitable fund of patriotic youth”, “Desnianskyi Union of ATO and Afganistan veterans and disabled”, and “Kyiv city center for support of ATO participants”. All these bodies are standing for ATO veterans’ interests and face the same problem, lots of refusals in response to formal applications filed according to law.

Let us remind you that within the “Legal Aid” charity initiative launched by People’s Project we are collecting funds to pay for the services provided by a professional lawyer: the expert will consult each veteran on issues regarding obtaining a plot of land guaranteed by law and assist in doing paperwork: he will draw up a corresponding application, offer necessary further steps and support the applicant in case of refusal or difficulties in paper processing. To sponsor the work of an individual legal adviser who would go into these matters is much more effective than paying for services provided by dozens of lawyers, individually per each case. In their turn, members of the veterans’ unions promise to support the work of the lawyer as well as to filter the candidates thoroughly to avoid getting of any suspicious elements and fraudsters on the list.

We urge you to participate in the project as well, especially since the job seems rather simple. Each hryvnia of your donations or sharing data in social network will make a significant contribution into our shared effort that can serve as the sign of our gratitude for our defenders.

Date Name Quantity Cost Destination
12/03/2018 Fee for services (paid by sponsorship). February 1 15 000.00 paid


Altogether on the project

Legal Aid

61 people


52 075 UAH (1 884 USD)

of 45 000 UAH (1 628 USD) needed

115% raised

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