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Legal Aid

61 people donated
52 075 uah (1 884 USD)
of 45 000 uah (1 628 USD)
100% raised
Updated 20.02.2019 at 17:49
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Why is it important

The state guarantees the right to free land for the ATO participants, enabling veterans to construct their own house or plant some trees, crops or vegetables on it. Theoretically, it looks rather easy: a veteran files a set of documents, indicates the vacant plot on the map, and after a few meetings of the commission, public administration entitles him with the right to a piece of land.

Nevertheless, to implement this in practice without the specific legal knowledge or external support is still a challenge. The process is rather long and costly, and not everyone is able of accomplishing it due to resistance of the bureaucratic system and lack of time and resources, which most often makes the applicant withdraw from the procedure even before it starts.

Apart from that, the availability and price for the land plays an important role as well. If in regions and distant territories the chances for getting a plot of land are high, it seems rather impossible to obtain it in the capital. Commercial price for land in the capital and intense competition in this field reduce the applicants’ chances making them tend to zero: in the vast majority of cases, competition for obtaining land is achievable for large developers and not for individuals like ATO veterans.

or today, there are almost 400 ATO veterans who have just returned from the war and need assistance in attaining their official right to land – the current figure describes only those who filed their applications to the non-governmental organization “Kulchytskyi Battalion Veterans’ Union” seeking their assistance. What should we do then, do we need to hire an individual lawyer for each case? Likewise, not everyone possesses proper amount of money necessary to pay for competent legal support, and no funds contributed by even the most generous benefactor, would be enough to pay for four hundred experts’ legal assistance. Apparently, this is the most appropriate moment for us, volunteers and sympathetic citizens, to step forward and provide our support.

The video below is in Ukrainian.

Where does the money go?

Throughout Ukraine, people are struggling for obtaining the rights owed to them by law, individually. People’s Project, the all-Ukrainian volunteer initiative, is eager to unite all their efforts – this is the purpose of our newly launched charity project. The funds raised within the initiative, will be allocated to pay for a highly skilled legal adviser’s assistance. This person will be a lawyer with corresponding qualification engaged in supporting ATO participants in the matters related to obtaining their right to land. The specialist will work full day and provide any kind of legal, counseling and other consultative support to ATO veterans as regards filing and processing the necessary papers in the corresponding public authorities engaged in land issues and responsible for distribution of land: Kyiv Rada, Kyiv city administration and so on, and in case of any difficulties or formal rejection our expert will provide further necessary legal support.

The legal adviser will process every application from among a few hundreds of present ones, and assist in preparation of required documents with due regard for the veterans’ interests, for the reward that will be much lesser that if to hire individual lawyer for each case.

The “Kulchytskyi Battalion Veterans’ Union” non-governmental organization has already joined in the project. Its members promise maximum support for the lawyer’s activities; besides, they are going to establish the first admission threshold aimed to guarantee selection of those military men who really need their plot of land, and exclude the possibility of getting into the project for any debatable applicants that may lobby developers’ interest. Naturally, the Union’s veterans are ready to account for every case where legal support is provided.

  • 24September2018

    The project budget is reduced by 45 000 UAH. The project is completed ahead of schedule due to the failure of the organizers to fulfill their obligations.

Fee for legal services
Fee for legal services
paid 100%
3/3 months
45 000 UAH

Totally:   45 000.00 UAH


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Raised: 52 075 UAH(1 884 USD)
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Spent 45 000 UAH(1 628 USD)
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52 075 UAH (1 884 USD)
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45 000 UAH (1 628 USD)
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Total: 45 000.00 UAH (1 628 USD)