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Reconnaissance and Alpha Squad

Thermal weapon scope and tactical uniform for reconnaissance

Last week one of our sponsors gave us three highly functional Guide Infrared IR162B thermal weapon scopes.
One of the devices we have delivered to the Golden Gate battalion, one was transferred to the reconnaissance of the military unit 3036 and are bound for Donetsk.

The technical features of the device allow for it to work in complete darkness, in fog, smoke, snow and rain. This sight has a high-quality protection against moisture.
More technical characteristics of Guide IR162B:
– Uncooled FPA detector with a resolution 384×288;
– Frame rate of 50 Hz;
– Fast lens 83 mm / F1.2;
– Human detection range up to 2000 m;
– Built-in OLED display with resolution of 852×600;
– 2x and 4x zoom.

Along with the sights we sent tactical boots, camouflage, elbow and knee pads, a camouflage jacket and high-quality MyTab tablets, with software installed specially for reconnaissance.

All these items were delivered to scouts to help them in their missions, making them safer and more efficient.
Thanks again to everyone who take the safety of Ukrainian soldiers seriously. Thank you for your help and support and thanks to our sponsors. It is great to know their number continues to grow.
Together we will win!

20/04/2015Tactical camouflage10 6 500.00delivered to military unit 3036
20/04/2015Tactical bots (Multicam)9 17 775.00delivered to military unit 3036
20/04/2015Knee pads (Flectarn)10 4 000.00delivered to military unit 3036
20/04/2015Elbow pads (Flectarn)10 3 000.00delivered to military unit 3036
20/04/2015Ghille Parka Woodland1 1 500.00delivered to military unit 3036
20/04/2015Thermal weapon scope Guide Infrared IR162B1 182 500.00delivered to military unit 3036
20/04/2015Mount for thermal weapon scope1 470.00delivered to military unit 3036
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Reconnaissance and Alpha Squad

Help reconnaissance and Alpha squad

military units А1302, А3283, А2076, 3066 and Alpha
1 844 829 UAH (66 756 USD) needed
100% raised
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