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Archer Thermovision Sights

Thermovision sight for Right Sector soldiers

Thank to a sponsor’s charitable contribution in buying a brand new Archer TSA-5R / 336-55 thermovision sight, we have managed to provide a machine gunner with a quality optical device capable at any time of the day of identifying the enemy and not give him any chance to attack or sabotage.
Unfortunately, the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps “Right Sector” still has no official status, so they cannot take this Archer on the project’s military unit balance or provide the act of transfer.
In support of the transfer, we provide a photo report.

05/03/2015Thermovision sight Archer TSA-5R/336-551 246 200.00delivered to the the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps "Right Sector", without act of transfer
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Archer Thermovision Sights

Three thermovision sights for Ukrainian army

701 600 UAH (31 764 USD) needed
100% raised
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