June 15, 2017

Students of the Lviv Gymnasium help to save lives of defenders

Students of the Lviv Gymnasium help to save lives of defenders

The volunteering brings in an incredible feeling. It is really confusing, when help comes from those, who need help themselves. Among them are pensioners, who often have to budget with a low pension. Also, there are people with disabilities, who share with their modes income. Sometimes children do more, than the average government officials. The students of the Lviv Legal Gymnasium helped us sufficiently with the equipment for The Bloodmobile Project. They arranged a charity fair at the gymnasium, and bought a lot of medical equipment for the money they collected. An interview with a student of the Gymnasium Olesya Bodnar follows.


“Our gymnasium is actively engaged in a volunteering, and one of it’s directions is a support for the defenders, who were injured during the war. For 3 year now we collect funds, knit camouflage nets, and transfer to the defenders hand made heaters. An annual Easter Fair was held to a support the ATO defenders. It was organized by the students of the Gymnasium. In terms of the fair this year one of the conditions was the allocation of a certain amount of funds for a support of the military, and for their needs. It was not surprising to me, that almost all children donated all money they earned. This way we managed to raise 3,500 UAH.

When we decided to invest the money, the most important thing for us was to spend it for something useful, avoiding bureaucracy. We contacted Rostyslav (the initiator of The Bloodmobile Project Rostyslav Zauralskiy – Ed.), and found out, that the blood transfusion systems and catheters are needed for the bloodmobile. This is the kind of equipment, which is always required and can be stored for a very long time.”


As a result, the children collected 3,510 UAH. For these money, they purchased 260 catheters and 270 blood transfusion systems. All equipment was handed to Rostyslav Zauralskiy, and now is ready for use in the conditions a bloodmobile works.


We also put our effort to launch the project. The Bloodmobile Project reaches the finish line. At the moment, a full maintenance of the van was conducted for the project. The van was checked and repaired carefully. A lot of attention was payed to the chassis. The bloodmobile will be driven through the roads of the front line, so its important, for it to not got broken at the most responsible moment. We also transferred an equipment for the van, such as refrigerators to store blood and components, a power inverter, and a kit of new wheels. In a few days the van will be ready for work.

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A few photos of the maintenance process

We are sincerely grateful to all of you for the support. At the expense of the donations of everyone, who shown his mercy, we were able to launch this magnificent volunteer project, which, would save many lives, we sure.

Date Name Quantity Cost Destination
15/06/2017 Tires Michelin Primacy R16 5 10 410.00 delivered to NPO "Pulse of hope"
15/06/2017 Wheels 5 8 700.00 delivered to NPO "Pulse of hope"
15/06/2017 Infusion system and catheters for blood transfusion 270 3 510.00 delivered to NPO "Pulse of hope"


Altogether on the project


366 people


522 159 UAH (20 065 USD)

of 520 792 UAH (20 012 USD) needed

100% raised

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Project coordinators:

Rostyslav Zauralskyi

+380 67 532 60 54

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