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First People’s UAV Complex

Trial flight of UAV created by People’s Project

The People’s Project Team is proud to present our own innovation!
This is not just a plane. It is the part of the larger project the First People’s UAV complex.
Now, our UAV goes into the test phase. Very soon it will leave for the ATO area to perform real missions.
It’s no secret that enemy forces are armed with systems that jam and interrupt signals to gain control over our drones. Our system is designed so the UAV, in the case of signal jamming, goes into a completely autonomous flight mode and returns to base on it’s own. This feature greatly reduces the risks of losing it.


We did everything to make operating the UAV as easy as possible for pilots, and to predict all the possible enemy action and made a number of technical and design amendments to successfully counter opposition hostility.
The gimbal with zoom and thermal cameras was specially designed by our engineers and is capable of transmitting and recording video. In the video below you can see the potential of our UAV.


We were telling you beforehand that the video the operator receives is in real time and has a higher definition than the one recorded below. This video was recorded in 640×480 definition.

A short video of our UAV test flight.

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Project Completed

First People’s UAV Complex

The first Ukrainian complex for aerial reconnaissance and monitoring of enemy movements

737 400 UAH (17 802 USD) needed
100% raised
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