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People’s Attack Pilot

Two Garmin GPSMAP navigators paid for

Already we have delivered two navigators to Ukraine’s attack aircraft pilots. So little by little, together, we will provide the attack aircraft squadron with all 13 Garmin navigators they have asked us to provide.

The pilots explain this choice because the devices are very convenient. As we wrote earlier, according Stormtroopers, good positioning and big screen buttons allow them not to be distracted from piloting the plane or changing their flight-path. They say because the assault planes do not fly at high altitudes, instead flying at low and extremely low altitudes, they always having difficulty orienteering. These devices will help them overcome this problem.

Recently we paid for another navigator. Thus, we need to raise funds for three additional navigators. We are very grateful who have supported the project thus far. From The People’s Project and from Ukraine’s brave pilots, thank to all who have contributed in any way.

31/03/2016Aviation navigator Garmin GPSMAP 2961 21 280.00delivered to military unit B2137
31/03/2016Aviation navigator Garmin GPSMAP 276C Pilot1 21 280.00delivered to military unit B2137
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Project Completed

People’s Attack Pilot

The pilots that defend Ukrainian airspace need help

military unit В2137
604 794 UAH (23 721 USD) needed
100% raised
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