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ComBat Battlefield Management System

Two-way data exchange for ComBat system

It is demonstrative of the collaboration and cooperation between Ukraine’s legions of volunteer organisations. Recently terminal operators of the ComBat Battlefield Management System have had the possibility of two-way data exchange with Kropiva tablets provided by fellow volunteer organisation Armiya SOS after the system and devices were made compatible.
Even if the Armiya SOS tablets have full memory and function with no extra capacity to download interactive maps and other materials from the ComBat system, the tablets can still relay basic intelligence information to back the system and vice versa via two way communication.
Any unit linked to the ComBat system who wants to use the extensive network of Armiya SOS tablets to collect, disseminate and filter information before identifying particular targets simply needs to contact the project coordinator.

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ComBat Battlefield Management System

ComBat battlefield management system is a powerful tool for modern military units.

960 520 UAH (34 757 USD) needed
100% raised
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