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Special Forces Border Platoon

Urgent needs for Special Forces Border Platoon

Last time we made a delivery to the boys of the Special Forces Border Platoon it was it was kevlar plates and helmets in small quantities to be “battle tested”. This equipment has demonstrated excellent results and a high level of protection, so this time the volunteers of the People’s Project delivered more along with other essential equipment: an rpc system, a weather station, a Harris-type bipod and shirts for under body armor.
The smiling faces of our border guards are worth more than 1000 words!
Without your help, Ukraine’s soldiers would not have such modern equipment and such a high level of protection! Border guards and their command along with The Peoples’ Project thank all those involved in the project!

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Project Completed

Special Forces Border Platoon

Equipment for detached border service platoon.

military unit 1469
1 190 241 UAH (49 832 USD) needed
100% raised
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