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Help Me Breathe

Urging you to help: saving preterm newborns!

“White petals” – this is the name by which doctors refer the fragile and vulnerable babies who are born prematurely. Globally, almost 15 million kids, that is on average one in ten, are born ahead of time each year. Unfortunately, preterm deliveries cause almost half of fatalities among newborn. To draw public attention to this problem, on the 17th of November the International awareness day for preterm birth is celebrated worldwide.

They came into this world having shockingly low body mass; they easily fit into an adult’s palm. Their inner organs fail to work properly due to their insufficient development. Luckily, the current level of medicine allows to provide proper medical care for these impatient kids; still, this requires special equipment. Mostly such kids suffer from asphyxia and respiratory failures. Before a baby takes in the first breath on its own, doctors have to continuously control the necessary oxygen intake. The most terrible thing is that many our doctors are compelled to determine oxygen dosage almost haphazardly due to the lack of gas analyzer.

This is wrong. That’s why we initiated the Help Me Breathe charitable project. Its goal is to buy gas analyzer for Kyiv perinatal hospital №3. This device can help save thousands of prematurely born kids who still cannot breathe on their own for some time. It allows to control blood gases proportion in a baby’s blood immediately after a crisis delivery as well as in treatment of complications threatening to baby’s whole future health. Right now, at Kyiv perinatal center №3, in its intensive care unit, there are three newborn kids on ALV apparatuses: they do need application of gas analyzer immediately.

Total sum to be raised makes 245 thousand hryvnias. As of today, we have managed to accumulate almost half of the device’s cost, namely 116,825 UAH.

We urge you not to keep away from this problem as no one can be sure their kids are going to be born in time. So dear friends, please support the project with the donation you can afford. Also, to show your support of the little impatient ones and understanding of the problem you can visit Sofiyivska square in Kyiv where public activities will take place on the 16th of November at 19:00. It is for the fourth consecutive year that St. Sophia Cathedral will turn wrapped in violet lights to draw attention of our fellow citizens to those who can hardly make their initial breath without being assisted by others.

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Help Me Breathe

Fundraising for the blood gas and electrolyte analyzer for the Department of Intensive Care of Kyiv Maternity Home #3

244 369 UAH (8 842 USD) needed
100% raised
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