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Special Forces Border Platoon

Visit to special forces border platoon

On May 28, Ukraine celebrated the Day of Frontier Guards. The People’s Project, of course, was part of the celebrations. We congratulated our wards from the Special Forces Border Platoon from Odesa and delivered them a Guide Infrared IR162B thermal weapon scope and side bar. Anyone who has ever dealt with the military units involved in hostilities knows an imager is a device that makes eyes of the warriors light up, even the most stoic soldiers smile. In other words, we have very pleased commandos. We have already delivered same scopes to other units involved in the ATO and feedback has been very positive. Thus, we hope the gear will be of use to the border guards.

News happy soldier II

Volunteers had the opportunity to visit the hall of honor where the guards have created a memorial board. On this board are recorded memories of past battles and the photos of colleagues they have lost, the battle flag that was carried out from being surrounded, children’s drawings that raised morale, and photos of captured terrorists.
We hope no more photos of fallen heroes appear on the board and wish them all the luck in the world. And we, from the background, will do everything we can to support them.

News bottom

15/06/2015Thermal veapon scope Guide Infrared IR162B1 161 000.00delivered to the southern regional office of the State Border Service of Ukraine
15/06/2015Side bar1 243.00delivered to the southern regional office of the State Border Service of Ukraine
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Project Completed

Special Forces Border Platoon

Equipment for detached border service platoon.

military unit 1469
1 190 241 UAH (49 832 USD) needed
100% raised
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