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People’s Blindage

Urgent transfer of 5 dugouts to Avdiivka

It is still hot in Avdiivka. Shelling of civilian areas of the city became a little less frequent, but the battle near Promka continue. The enemy continues to shell positions of 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade with heavy artillery. Given the situation, we immediately transfer to positions 5 new dugouts to protect defenders of Ukraine from explosions, bullets and debris. Materials for blindages are purchased at the expense of people’s donations, collected in terms of The People’s Blindage Project, but every blindage is made by a volunteering family: Andriy Kravz (father) and Roman Kravz (son) with help of their friends.


Dugged into the ground a dugout like this protects from debris and cold

Since early morning Kravz family started to work. Completed blindages were immediately loaded to a truck, ready for shipment. To demonstrate the installation process, one dugout was build right in the middle of the yard. The entire installation process took up to 40 minutes. This is a good standard for the construction that is supposed to be installed in the military area under bullets. This will save time and effort of soldiers at the front line.


All 5 blindages were immediately transferred to the front line

 We have to mention, that work has not stopped for a moment. Kravz family prepare materials to make more and more of new dugouts. The dugout, which was used for demonstration is a gift for the front line soldiers. Kravz family produced it at their own expense, and will transfer is to the front line at the first chance. All other blindages volunteers of The People’s Project purchase at the expense of people’s donations. Your donation to The People’s Blindage Project is not only a remarkable contribution to the defense of Ukraine against the aggressor, but also hundreds of lives of Ukrainian defenders saved. Join the project to save life.


06/02/2017Blindages for 72nd Brigade5 125 000.00delivered to military unit B0849
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People’s Blindage

Blindages to protect the soldiers from enemy artillery and mortars.

2 121 971 UAH (58 027 USD) needed
100% raised
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