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Mountain therapy

We’re done: another charitable project completed

That’s it. The end, finale, finish: this project has been completed. Now we can present you the final report in which the formal numbers are backed by an abyss of warmth, gratitude and comprehension of the fact that good deeds really matter, that good is easier to do when we act together and that we’re surrounded by kind-hearted people.

We have raised the necessary amount and finalized all the need within the Mountain Therapy project. From now on, all the participants will b able to count not only on professional instructors but also on reliable equipment enabling them to participate in intricate mountain hiking tours. The touts themselves make an effective way for the participants to get rid of their inner demons, to work with instructors specializing in psychological rehabilitation, to regain confidence and the sense of supporting shoulder during the long journey, as well as take a break and get some fresh impressions. All these activities have been organized for the veterans in need of psychological rehabilitation.

We are truly grateful to the initiators of the project, Ms. Natalie Salimova and Mr. Serhii Noha from Kropyvnytskiy. It is thanks to their efforts and their enthusiasm the idea has come true. We would like to thank everyone who joined in the fundraising as much as they could afford. A big thanks goes also to our partners, Terra Incognita, Robinson and ProTrek shops for their friendly attitude that manifested in considerable discounts. Also, we’re thankful to Gorgany shop whose manager is engaged in hiking himself. A fun fact, our request was processed with a small delay due to this very reason, his being out on a hiking tour, but this was rather easy to tolerate. We are looking for further co-operation with them in the future.

Hence, even amid these hard times, we have completed another good and important deed having proven that we can do everything if acting together.

Dear friends, thank you!

24/10/2019Trekking poles Fjord Nansen Gravel7 10 305.00Purchased and sent
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Project Completed

Mountain therapy

Helping volunteers from Kropyvnytskyi in organizing therapy hikes for military and veterans.

111 978 UAH (2 840 USD) needed
100% raised
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