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Elite Training for Military

You’re a rookie in training? CrossFit coach gives advice

Initiator and organizer of the Elite Training for Military project, Valery Kisel has given useful tips on aerobic exercise on his Facebook profile. Aerobic exercise is a great workout with reps aimed at improving endurance, like running, walking, swimming, jumping, dancing, cycling and more.


In particular, Valery Kisel said aerobic exercise presented a paradox in the specific progress of newcomers.

“Slow training focused on long distances tends to improve cardiovascular efficiency and maximum oxygen consumption, and interval training is aimed at improving the portability of lactic acid cleaning and maximum oxygen consumption (MOC). These two types of training show an increase in endurance and improve MOC, and that’s where the confusion begins. These are two different methods of training, and they suddenly lead to similar results. How can this be?” Kisel commented.


The answer can be found by examining the group of people over which he conducted the study. Most of them are just starting a training program and have below average physical fitness. In other words – beginners.

“Newcomers are far from their genetic potential for performance, and therefore low stress and nonspecific stress can lead them to positive adaptations. Beginners can walk, jog, sprint, jump, rotate, stretch, dance, hang, jump or do any activity and their endurance will improve,” Kisel said.


The CrossFit trainer says beginners can ride a bike and their squats will improve. But for professional athletes or athletes of international level, who require a specific approach in order to ensure further adaptation, it is not so.

As you can see, CrossFit – is not only about pumping muscles but also gives participants an excellent knowledge of theories on the effectiveness of exercise. Valery Kisel will continue every Monday to share on his page in the social network secrets and subtleties of fitness.

In order to fully complete the course of training of future trainers who will continue to implement CrossFit in army units, we need your help. Support the project Elite Training for Military.

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Elite Training for Military

A project for training military instructors in CrossFit

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