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Sabre Remote Weapon Station

214 people donated
444 995 uah (12 169 USD)
of 442 409 uah (12 098 USD)
100% raised
Updated 23.04.2024 at 5:55
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турели инфографика eng

Why is it important?

The idea that the outcome of any war, ultimately, is determined by people and not planes, tanks and rockets, makes military forces around the world pay more attention to the protection of manpower. The use of military units in open spaces almost always leads to large losses.
Sabre is an automated remote controlled fire complex designed for permanent installation on fixed objects or special transport. This device is coordinated by using the remote control and monitor, allowing it to be employed in a fire fight from a distance, thereby preserving the life of the soldier operating it from a safer location. The combat platform can be installed at checkpoints and at the border as well as various other areas.

Very often low-flying UAVs are launched by the terrorists in reconnaissance to ascertain the Ukrainian army positions. Soon after, bombardment with grad rockets in an attempt to destroy our soldiers’ positions begins. The Sabre gun turret gives a soldier the ability to shoot down UAV as it approaches, establish the position of enemy artillery while making near impossible to detect the position of our army.

shablya inside

Where does the money go?

The People’s Project is raising funds for the manufacture of 10 gun turrets. Automatic gun turret "Sabre" for heavy machine gun is a moving platform with optional ACS, PKT and PKM to mount. Also a video camera, thermal imager, rangefinder and other optical devices can be installed on the platform. This module is designed to destroy enemy personnel and light armored vehicles. Unlike the standard platform, the module Sabre fully protects the soldier from enemy’s fire as he is in an armored car or coordinating platform remotely. The simple and reliable design of Sabre allows for rapid repair and part replacement.

sabre inside 3

Prototype of remotely operated Weapon System

Current version of remotely operated Weapon System

  • 14September2017

    The project budget increased by 35 390 UAH. The cost of repair of the second remote weapon station added to the project.

  • 05May2017

    The project budget increased by 37 544 UAH. Recent expenses and internal transfer added to the budget.

  • 28June2016

    The project budget increased by 124 000 UAH. Manufacturers significantly reduced the cost of producing a complex. Now one modernized module will cost 124 000 UAH instead of 180 475. They mainly reduced indirect costs and engaged more enthusiasts to work. Thus, the money raised by the project is sufficient to pay for another module.

  • 11March2015

    The project budget has been increased by 100 000 UAH. Due to changes in the exchange rate leading to increases in the cost of devices.

'Sabre' remote weapon station
'Sabre' remote weapon station
paid 100%
1/1 un.
75 000 UAH
'Sabre' remote weapon station
'Sabre' remote weapon station
paid 100%
2/2 un.
288 475 UAH
Repair of first
Repair of first "Sabre" station
paid 100%
1/1 un.
35 390 UAH
Office rent and appliances
Office rent and appliances
paid 100%
1/1 un.
28 904 UAH
Internal transfer
Internal transfer
paid 100%
1/1 un.
14 640 UAH

Totally:   442 409.00 UAH


Questions and answers

Questions and answers on method of payment and reporting

Raised: 444 995 UAH(12 169 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 442 409 UAH(11 120 USD)
Balance 2 586 UAH(1 048 USD)
444 995 UAH (12 169 USD)
Sponsor contributions (payments directly to providers)
31/03/1528904 UAHSponsorship for office rent and its provision 
Total: 28 904 UAH (727 USD)
Settlement account
21/06/1615:4016 000 UAH
31/03/1515:0859 600 UAH
29/03/1515:21350 UAH ******3233
28/03/1514:27500 UAH ******5129
26/03/1517:12500 UAH ******4786
26/03/1511:14100 UAH ******4081
26/03/1510:08200 UAH ******9312
26/03/1501:14200 UAH ******8040
24/03/1523:23300 UAH ******3233
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 416 091.00 UAH (11 378 USD)
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442 409 UAH (11 120 USD)
Current project spending
14/09/2017Ремонт турелі-- 35 390.00сплатили, чекаємо на документи
08/02/2017Remote weapon station1 108 000.00paid
20/11/2015Modernized turret1 180 475.00transferred to Rapid Response
14/09/2015Internal transfer1 14 640.00transferred to Spare Parts and Supplies 2
31/03/2015Office rent and its provision-- 28 904.00paid
27/03/2015Sabre remote weapon station (including the cost of modernization and repair)1 75 000.00delivered to military unit B0849
Total: 442 409.00 UAH (11 120 USD)