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Saving Maryna Dashkevich

1615 people donated
1 679 211 uah (57 399 USD)
of 1 900 000 uah (64 946 USD)
88% raised
Updated 05.07.2022 at 15:34

13.01.2022 Dear friends, we update the project description with all the events of the past year. Marina’s illness has not been completely overcome, but it can be carefully noted that the efforts of doctors and your help are yielding positive results.

Last year, after numerous courses of severe but not very effective chemotherapy, doctors changed the treatment regimen and prescribed Marina a new drug, Avastin. These are very specific drugs that stop the formation of new blood vessels, including those formed in tumors, feed them with oxygen and allow them to grow further. So "suppression" of excess blood vessels is "suppression" of the development of the tumors themselves.

The first course gave its limited positive result and significantly slowed down the development of the disease. So now, as of early 2022, Marina is continuing her second course of Avastin treatment. Now we are raising funds for this, because the drug is really expensive for one person. That is why your help is always relevant here.

Other circumstances remain the same: the chronology of all events and all medical documents can be found in the description below and in the project news, in most of which Marina tells about the state of her affairs herself.

25.01.2021 project conditions and budget updated. Details below

Friends, we got a big trouble. In this difficult year, disaster has come to us. For the first time in the history of the People’s Project, we are asking for help for ourselves. Our colleague Maryna Dashkevych, one of the key people in the work of our volunteer project, has just been diagnosed with an aggressive serious illness.

What is it about

The story began in the summer – the rapid deterioration of health, numerous examinations and procedures, over time, doctors found the cause: a brain tumor. In November, Marina underwent surgery, but she did not stay in the hospital for long – she could not stand the inactivity and returned to work as soon as possible. But the results of histological examinations after the operation have just arrived. Despite all hopes for the best, the diagnosis is very, very difficult.

Excerpt from the results of primary research. The diagnosis Glioblastoma is confirmed by further research

Despite the successful surgery, rapid further treatment is required. This form of the disease is known for acute and severe recurrences, and therefore, the countdown is for weeks and days: it is necessary to conduct a combined course of radiotherapy with severe chemotherapy, and as quickly as possible to finish all the foci of the disease.

As of December 18, 2020 we are forced to reconsider the plan of further actions. Given Marina’s condition and the critical time frame, we declined the treatment option in Israel and agreed to the offer of the Ukrainian Medical Center. The first course of intensive treatment with a combination of radiation and chemotherapy will be held here. We will continue to hope for the best and act according to the circumstances. Depending on the circumstances, we also adjust the project budget.

As of January 25, 2021, we are once again adjusting the budget and continuing to raise funds. Given the diagnosis, we must ensure further treatment of Marina in the possible second stage, taking into account the likelihood of complications.

What do we raise funds for

Marina needs funds for a quick start and further radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The total required amount only for the first stage of treatment is 600,000 hryvnias, and they should be collected in the coming days. This amount includes the cost of basic treatment courses, medications, research and procedures, as well as the cost of associated costs of maintenance and care in the hospital. Even after adjusting the budget, the amount still seems huge, but let’s look at it from the other side: each little by little, by force – and this money can really be collected in the shortest possible time, as we have done more than once. At least half of us have already been collected!

Why the help is really worth it

Marina is a really critical part of this world, and of the volunteer community in particular. She is a very private person and never advertises her deeds and achievements. Only we, colleagues and relatives know about all this. But that doesn’t stop her from doing good, and it’s time to talk about it openly. Marina has an insanely sensitive heart: doctors, front-line soldiers, combat special forces, the sick and disadvantaged, whom we helped – many of them received help and salvation thanks to Marina’s personal efforts.

In addition, it is Marina that holds all our paperwork over the years. If we, the rest of the team, are passionate hearts and hands of the project, Marina is its cold head. From the first days, it is absolutely ruthless to the slightest mess, so the People’s Project documentation is always in perfect order. So, thanks to Marina, we can track and report on the movement of every penny of millions of hryvnias of donations collected and distributed by us over the years.

The chances of suppressing a serious illness once and for all, forgetting it like a nightmare, and then helping others are, and they are quite high. We just need to start fighting now – and we clearly do not have enough resources for this fight. We appeal to you, to everyone, for possible participation. It’s not for us, not a penny in our pocket, not for someone’s enrichment, no. All this is to save a really good person who saves others for many years of his life. So please: please help us save Marina now.

Реквізити ПриватБанку для переказу у гривнях
Миколаївський обласний благодійний фонд “РЕГІОНАЛЬНИЙ ФОНД БЛАГОЧЕСТЯ”
ПАО КБ ПриватБанк
ЄДРПОУ: 36143302
МФО: 305299
IBAN-код: UA803266100000026009053209659
Призначення платежу: Благодійний внесок. “Врятувати Марину Дашкевич”
Beneficiary: Mykolayiv Regional Charitable Foundation “Regional Foundation Blagochestya”
IBANcode: UA583052990000026007011702069
Beneficiary address: UA 54000, Mykolaiv, Buznyka str. 5, 118
Beneficiary bank: Privatbank
50, Naberezhna Peremogy Street, Dnipropetrovsk, 49094, Ukraine
Swift code: PBANUA2X

Intermediary bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank,New York ,USA
Swift code: CHASUS33
Correspondent account: 001-1-000080
Description: Charitable donation for ‘Saving Maryna Dashkevich’ project
Intermediary bank: The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA
Swift code: IRVT US 3N
Correspondent account: 890-0085-754
Description: Charitable donation for ‘Saving Maryna Dashkevich’ project
Beneficiary: Mykolayiv Regional Charitable Foundation “Regional Foundation Blagochestya”
IBANcode: UA703052990000026002041702959
Beneficiary address: UA 54000, Mykolaiv, Buznyka str. 5, 118
Beneficiary bank: Privatbank
50, Naberezhna Peremogy Street, Dnipropetrovsk, 49094, Ukraine
Swift code: PBANUA2X

Intermediary bank: Commerzbank AG ,Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Swift code: COBADEFF
Correspondent account: 400886700401
Description: Charitable donation for ‘Saving Maryna Dashkevich’ project
Beneficiary: Mykolayiv Regional Charitable Foundation "Regional Foundation Blagochestya"
IBAN Code: UA363052990000026006001705679
Beneficiary address: UA 54000, Mykolaiv, Buznyka str. 5, 118
CORRESPONDENT BANK: Bank Pekao/Grupa Pekao S.A., Warsaw, Poland
Account in the correspondent bank: PL13124000013140533111120301
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: PKOPPLPW
Description: Charitable donation for "Saving Maryna Dashkevich" project.
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Donations received
1 900 000
64 946 $
Raised: 1 679 211 UAH(57 399 USD)
Still needed 220 789 UAH(7 547 USD)
Spent 163 751 UAH(5 925 USD)
Balance 1 515 460 UAH(51 474 USD)
1 679 211 UAH (57 399 USD)
Settlement account 26006041702881
01/07/2219:17100 UAH
29/06/2201:32500 UAH
28/06/2214:186 780 UAH
28/06/2212:20656 UAH
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25/06/2219:065 851 UAH
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24/06/2209:54100 UAH
24/06/2209:121 000 UAH
24/06/2206:071 000 UAH
23/06/2220:542 000 UAH
23/06/2220:34100 UAH
23/06/2219:561 000 UAH
23/06/2218:491 000 UAH
23/06/2212:39300 UAH
22/06/2222:22500 UAH
22/06/2220:45200 UAH
22/06/2219:575 000 UAH
22/06/2201:441 000 UAH
21/06/2223:14500 UAH
16/06/2223:18300 UAH
06/06/2205:17801 UAH
23/05/2210:18199 UAH
20/05/2217:56314 UAH
07/05/2201:465 000 UAH ******
06/05/2213:50300 UAH ******
02/05/2223:101 000 UAH ******4860
01/05/2212:34500 UAH ******
22/04/2223:33400 UAH ******7933
09/04/2211:26100 UAH
07/04/2222:383 000 UAH ******0000
01/04/2210:20300 UAH ******1637
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 1 679 211.00 UAH (57 399 USD)
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163 751 UAH (5 925 USD)
Current project spending
25/12/2020Food Services1 3 885.00Paid
25/12/2020Primary consultation radiation therapist1 850.00Paid
25/12/2020MRI scan of the brain + additional copy of the image1 4 205.00Paid
25/12/2020Drug support of chemotherapy (I stage)1 9 200.00Paid
25/12/2020Primary consultation chemotherapeutist1 850.00Paid
25/12/2020Materials for analysis collecting1 50.00Paid
25/12/2020Medical hospital services7 9 450.00Paid
25/12/2020Contrast enhancement in MRI1 1 700.00Paid
25/12/2020MRI scan of the brain1 1 700.00Paid
25/12/2020Advance payment for a course of radical radiotherapy1 15 500.00Paid
25/12/2020Radical radiotherapy drug supply30 12 990.00Paid
25/12/2020Course of radical radiotherapy30 29 700.00Paid
25/12/2020Further radical radiotherapy dosimethrical planning1 37 050.00Paid
25/12/2020Further radical radiotherapy topology1 30 900.00Paid
25/12/2020Drug supply1 550.00Paid
25/12/2020SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) tests1 699.00Paid
25/12/2020Prehospital serological tests1 1 020.00Paid
25/12/2020Prehospital laboratory tests1 2 047.00Paid
25/12/2020CT-mapping for further radiotherapy and radiosurgery1 1 405.00Paid
Total: 163 751.00 UAH (5 925 USD)