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Military Sleeping Bags

246 people donated
300 006 uah (8 248 USD)
of 300 000 uah (8 247 USD)
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Updated 30.11.2023 at 6:10
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During counterattacks and military relocation under combat and cold conditions, finding a proper place to sleep is extremely difficult. Finding a way to warm up is even more challenging.

Seasonal uniforms and thermal underwear will not save Ukrainian defenders from the night cold. That’s why we are announcing this crowdfunding project to supply them with warm sleeping bags.

  • Total required: 117 sleeping bags;

  • The cost of one item: 2565 hryvnias ($69.5);

  • Total cost: 300 000 hryvnias ($8122).

Who Needs the Sleeping Bags?

The main mission of these sleeping bags is to warm up and protect the sleep of our defenders in the Kherson direction. In particular, we will deliver them to artillerymen, special forces, mortarmen, and marines who hold front positions and conduct a counteroffensive in the south of Ukraine.

Characteristics of the Military Sleeping Bags

Ukrainian company SYNEVYR will be the sleeping bag supplier.

Since sleeping bags must be warm and lightweight, the manufacturer advised choosing the Dobby 350 XL sleeping bag blanket. Dobby is a sleeping bag of increased size 222x86x86 centimeters with the following characteristics:

  • The outer fabric of the sleeping bag is Dewspo (lightweight and water-resistant polyester material), and the inner layer of the fabric is Microfleece (comfy and soft).

  • Inside, sleeping bags are filled with siliconized sintepon with a density of 200+150g/m2.

  • Along the sleeping bag’s entire length is a zipper with a thermal strip, a double-sided runner, and Velcro.

  • Each sleeping bag in the unbuttoned state takes the form of a rectangular blanket.

  • Comfortable use at a temperature from -3C to +16C, lower temperature limit -8C.

  • The weight of the sleeping bag is 2 kilograms and 600 grams.

Also, each sleeping bag comes complete with a compression cover, which provides the following:

  • Quick compact packing.

  • Protection from moisture and dirt.

  • Convenient attachment to a tactical backpack.

The Armed Forces are already looking forward to your help because the one who gets a good night’s sleep has the energy to give the enemy a good kick. Let’s donate for sleeping bags. Let them warm the soldiers’ bodies and our souls!


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