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People’s Tablet

29 people donated
25 732 uah (704 USD)
of 24 998 uah (683 USD)
100% raised
Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00

What's the money raised for?

7'' MYTAB Como U51GT tablets +3G +GPS +2sim - 19 devices
In total 24,998 UAH needed.

Why is the project important?

The project aim is to obtain 7 inch tablets with preset navigators and maps from Visicom (special thanks to Visicom for free licenses and maps). These tablets are needed by the fighters of the National Guard for quick spatial orientation, as the terrorists are equipped with such devices and have an advantage in this case. Volunteers also plan to install additional software including directories of first medical aid, protected communication systems etc.

Now there’s a need for 20 tablets. If you have a 7” tablet with charger, which you can donate to our military, we would highly appreciate it.

The maps will be installed by "Visicom"  (free of charge, providing an unlimited number of licenses).

Software with emergency aid directories as recommended by Borys Clinics.

Software for the Artillery forces:

Complete list of additional software: 10524989_322767127888570_55813162_n A video report on the lack of tablets (watch from 2:00)
Sasha is the 1st National Guard battalion commander, named after S. Kulchytskyi, who died in a helicopter crash due to bombardment by terrorists at Karachun.

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Donations received
24 998
683 $
Raised: 25 732 UAH(704 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 25 732 UAH(704 USD)
Balance 0 UAH(0 USD)
25 732 UAH (704 USD)
Settlement account 26009053209079
13/08/1410:4820 UAH
13/08/1403:5815 000 UAH
12/08/1411:19350 UAH ******2991
12/08/1406:201 000 UAH ******2836
12/08/1405:55300 UAH ******9789
07/08/1406:20150 UAH ******3747
05/08/1418:2320 UAH
04/08/1415:472 400 UAH
04/08/1409:00100 UAH
31/07/1411:2650 UAH ******4258
25/07/1406:27272 UAH ******4113
25/07/1405:551 000 UAH ******1969
24/07/1414:491 000 UAH ******9743
24/07/1406:291 000 UAH ******1517
23/07/1410:3120 UAH
22/07/1406:16800 UAH ******5625
22/07/1406:11200 UAH ******2596
18/07/1405:57100 UAHVia Privat24
17/07/1416:44100 UAH ******1178
17/07/1414:53UAH ******1249
17/07/1414:49UAH ******1249
17/07/1414:45UAH ******1249
17/07/1409:16100 UAH
16/07/1417:49100 UAH
16/07/1417:26500 UAH ******5337
16/07/1411:21100 UAH ******4258
16/07/1406:39100 UAH ******0572
16/07/1406:311 000 UAH ******8418
16/07/1406:16100 UAH
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 25 732.00 UAH (704 USD)
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