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Fleece Military Jackets for the Armed Forces

408 people donated
294 587 uah (7 112 USD)
of 290 000 uah (7 001 USD)
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Updated 18.07.2024 at 18:55
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Winter is coming, so our defenders need warm clothes and shoes.

After consulting with the local troops who protect Ukraine in the southern direction, we learned that they urgently need more military jackets. These jackets are made of fleece and are similar to the one often worn by the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

Currently, it is the most important item of clothing our military personnel lacks. And we can save from the cold those warriors who protect our lives and democracy daily at the front.

  • Total required: 170 jackets;

  • The cost of one unit: 1400 hryvnias ($38);

  • Total cost: 240,000 hryvnias ($6503).

Who Will Receive the Jackets?

50 Soldiers in the Kherson region are already waiting for the jackets. Another 50 are asked to be sewn for the south of Ukraine marines. The rest will be provided to other people, such as:

  • Doctors, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians who provide life-saving treatment to people affected by hostilities;

  • Volunteers.

What Kind of Jackets Will Be Purchased?

All military jackets will be sewn according to the TU 14.1-108-00034022:2016 recommendations, approved by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For security reasons, we cannot disclose the supplier, but the company is the same one that fulfills the government order.

  • Fleece jackets are a part of the combat uniform set of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • The products are suitable for use in field conditions and points of permanent deployment as a warming layer in combination with other items of the combat uniform set.

  • By design, each product is a jacket made of fleece fiber with overlays of polyamide fabric.

  • The product’s main fastener and the pockets’ fasteners are "zippers."

  • The lining and inner pockets are sewn from high-quality polyamide fabric.

  • Each jacket will have places to attach epaulets and ID badges.

  • The width is adjustable with the help of a curtain with an elastic cord and fasteners.

  • Jackets are produced in seven sizes, five heights, and four types.

  • An individual packaging bag is provided for every jacket.

It’s already cold outside, and we have to finish this donation as quickly as possible. It is also necessary to have time to test the military jackets and to check their quality and convenience before the next order. Glory to Ukraine, and let’s warm our soldiers together!

  • 07October2022

    The budget of the project has been increased by 50 000 uah

  • 19September2022

    The budget of the project has been increased by 50 000 uah


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