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Thermal Imaging Sights for Struggle in the Donetsk Direction

528 people donated
792 459 uah (21 658 USD)
of 800 000 uah (21 863 USD)
99% raised
Updated 04.10.2023 at 2:05


The current Ukrainian priority is to provide maximum support for the military in Bakhmut, Soledar, and other cities of the Donetsk region, where the fiercest close-quarters battles with the russian occupants are taking place.

There are daytime and night combats. The soldiers of the 79th Air Assault Brigade asked us to urgently provide them with 2 thermal imaging sights, and two other brigades joined them. That's why we have created this crowdfunding project to help Ukrainian warriors effectively fight even in the total darkness.

  • Total required: 10+ units;

  • The cost of one thermal imager: from 20 thousand hryvnias ($544);

  • The cost of a thermal sight with a range of about 1.5 kilometers: 70-80 thousand hryvnias ($1900-2170);

  • Total cost: 800,000 hryvnias ($19054).

After consulting with military experts, we will order the following models of thermal imaging devices:

  • Falcon FH35;



  • Thunder TH35C;


Who Need Thermal Imaging Sights

Night vision devices are requested by the 79th (2 units), 28th (2 units), and 36th (2 units) military brigades. These soldiers are struggling in the Donetsk direction day and night and need thermal imagers and sights to effectively track the enemy, because:

  • there are close combats with very high activity in Bakhmut and Soledar;

  • there is no "greenery" in winter, and it is extremely difficult to conduct sabotage activities and find cover in open territory;

  • It is crucial to guard positions and detect the enemy in time at night.

Thermal imagers and thermal imaging sights are expensive, but they save lives. It is not warmth and food, but the opportunity to protect fellow soldiers under the cover of night and return home alive.

Every military unit should have such devices, so our goal is to complete this crowdfunding project in a month and support Ukrainian defenders at the frontline as soon as possible.

  • 12April2023

    The project budget has been increased by 100 000 UAH.


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Raised: 792 459 UAH(21 658 USD)
Still needed 7 541 UAH(205 USD)
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Balance 792 459 UAH(21 658 USD)
792 459 UAH (21 658 USD)
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04/10/2304:05100 USD 544434*10
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17/09/2314:14400 UAH 516780*92
11/09/2304:0510 EUR 463343*02
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 792 459.00 UAH (21 858 USD)
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