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Saving Ivan. Stage IV

581 people donated
201 239 uah (5 503 USD)
of 201 239 uah (5 503 USD)
100% raised
Updated 03.12.2022 at 18:17

05.01 we open the fourth stage of the project and resume fundraising. We have to pay for medication for a course of immunotherapy or further chemotherapy: this will soon be determined by doctors.

The People’s Project Volunteer Center is launching a new targeted assistance project. It was created for the benefit of a family in great trouble. The goal of the project is to quickly raise funds and purchase critical medicine for a combat pilot defending Ukraine.

Where did it all begin

Ivan is still very young man. Senior lieutenant, officer of the 10th naval aviation brigade of the Ukrainian Navy, helicopter navigator Ivan Tatarintsev is only twenty-seven years old. In the late spring of 2020, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. At this point, Ivan’s condition is not easy, he needs surgery as soon as possible. Surgery is not possible now: the disease has become widespread, so doctors must now conduct chemotherapy, which will slow the development of the primary tumor and suppress metastases. And this is what will give Ivan a chance to fight on.

What do we raise funds for

If you have a sensitive nature, it’s better not to read the next paragraph. Bevacizumab, sold under the trade name Avastin, is a modern drug for the treatment of cancer patients. The tumor grows not only due to pathologically developed tissues, but also due to new blood vessels that grow in the tumor and feed its body. Avastin, like some other drugs, reduces proliferation, that is, the growth of blood vessel tissue, and this, in turn, reduces the rate of development of the tumor itself and can slow the spread of secondary tumors: metastases.

Competition with an aggressive disease is in full swing. In total, the seven courses of chemistry, at intervals of every two weeks, are needed. Three of them are before the operation, and the first of the courses must be completed on November 25. There is no much time left, money for the first course should be collected in the coming days.

After an examination conducted on 04.011.2021, doctors noted that the secondary foci of the disease showed low sensitivity to chemotherapy. The future council of oncologists intends to discuss the use of immunotherapy with modern special drugs. We are updating the budget to reflect the cost of this course.

There are no other options. Ivan’s family is not a millionaire. The parents themselves have health problems, the mother, despite all the troubles, still manages to work as a nurse and, in the midst of the epidemic, contacts Covid-19 patients. As a serviceman, Ivan is entitled to certain benefits. But the cost of critical chemotherapy drugs is not covered by these benefits. That’s why we try to help: we strat rising funds for the chemotherapy. It’s for the start.

We sincerely hope for the help of all who care. Let it be a few hryvnias, but from each of us – and this is a chance for a young man. We welcome the participation of philanthropists who can afford a larger sum of donation. All this is really important, and we do not take a single penny of this money for our own needs.

And one more thing, the main thing that we must say: we do not undertake to guarantee the success of the whole affair and the miraculous healing of the man. All the money in the world is not a guarantee of recovery in such cases. But our efforts, this help, these chemotherapy courses give Ivan the opportunity and a chance to continue to fight for his life – and who would we be if our defender, a young man, was denied possible help in a critical need for him. Let’s not leave him alone with trouble. Don’t you agree?

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201 239
5 503 $
Raised: 201 239 UAH(5 503 USD)
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201 239 UAH (5 503 USD)
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72 970 UAH (2 640 USD)
Current project spending
21/12/2020Avastin. I course1 36 485.00Paid and injected
21/12/2020Avastin. II course1 36 485.00Paid and injected
Total: 72 970.00 UAH (2 640 USD)