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People’s Artillery Division

military units А0224, А1743

161 people


248 961 UAH (10 423 USD)

of 204 000 UAH (8 541 USD) needed

122% raised

Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00
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Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation “BLAGOCHESTYA regional fund”

License of state registration of сharitable organization №736456 from 26.09.08


What's the money raised for?

Mykolaiv 79th Airborn Brigade’s Artillery Division urgently needs:

1. Newcon 5 km laser rangefinder, 2 devices - 120,000 UAH
2. Garmin GPS navigators, 8 devices - 32,000 UAH
3. Impact-resistant tablet with GPS module, 2 devices + card SD 32 giga - 16,000 UAH (one is purchased)
4. Dual-band radio sets, 12 sets, 14,000 UAH - very urgent (10 purchased)
5. Suit + head wear, 20 (Battalion consists of 286 people, but only 20 military officers and contract servants) - 20,000 UAH
6. Bags/cases for optical devices, 5 units - 2,000 UAH

7. Software - an agreement was reached on receiving software at no charge.
Additionally, we want to create the  IT Division, because we plan to involve ukrainian IT specialists in fund raising. It will be the first IT Artillery division!

How we delivered tactical glasses to ATO zone:

How we dressed the 1st Battalion of 79th Airborne brigade:

How frontline snipers received equipment, purchased by our team:

Project discussion

Project News

Mykolaiv regional charitable foundation “CHARITABLE FOUNDATION BLAGOCHESTYA”

PC CB PrivatBank
USREOU: 36143302
MFO: 326610
Account: 26004053210137

Purpose of payment:Charitable donation. People’s artillery division.

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