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Project Completed

People’s Artillery Division

161 people donated
248 961 uah (10 423 USD)
of 204 000 uah (8 541 USD)
100% raised
Updated 28.11.2015 at 17:00
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What's the money raised for?

Mykolaiv 79th Airborn Brigade’s Artillery Division urgently needs:

1. Newcon 5 km laser rangefinder, 2 devices - 120,000 UAH
2. Garmin GPS navigators, 8 devices - 32,000 UAH
3. Impact-resistant tablet with GPS module, 2 devices + card SD 32 giga - 16,000 UAH (one is purchased)
4. Dual-band radio sets, 12 sets, 14,000 UAH - very urgent (10 purchased)
5. Suit + head wear, 20 (Battalion consists of 286 people, but only 20 military officers and contract servants) - 20,000 UAH
6. Bags/cases for optical devices, 5 units - 2,000 UAH

7. Software - an agreement was reached on receiving software at no charge.
Additionally, we want to create the  IT Division, because we plan to involve ukrainian IT specialists in fund raising. It will be the first IT Artillery division!

How we delivered tactical glasses to ATO zone:

How we dressed the 1st Battalion of 79th Airborne brigade:

How frontline snipers received equipment, purchased by our team:

Questions and answers

Questions and answers on method of payment and reporting


Donations received
204 000
8 541 $
Raised: 248 961 UAH(10 423 USD)
Still needed 0 UAH(0 USD)
Spent 248 961 UAH(6 808 USD)
Balance 0 UAH(0 USD)
248 961 UAH (10 423 USD)
Sponsor contributions (payments directly to providers)
01/07/1421700 UAHSponsorship
Total: 21 700 UAH (593 USD)
In kind contributions
DateItemQ-tyUAH equivalentComment
08/10/14Weather meter Kestrel 4500NV322500 UAHSponsorship
15/08/14Weather meter Kestrel 450015400 UAHSponsorship
Total: 27 900 UAH (763 USD)
Settlement account
Totally (with regard to the amount of the fee*): 177 761.00 UAH (7 442 USD)
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248 961 UAH (6 808 USD)
Current project spending
20/05/2015Field military suit25 11 400.00delivered to military unit А2062
20/05/2015Field military suit20 10 200.00delivered to military unit A0224
20/10/2014Inter-project funds transfer 1 1 000.00transferred to the Second people's commando project
20/10/2014Inter-project funds transfer 1 3 576.00Transferred to the Back to fight! project
17/10/2014Thigh platform Molle ULP P10913FG5 1 235.00delivered to military unit A 1743
17/10/2014Universal holster Molle UTH H10714AFG5 828.75delivered to military unit A 1743
17/10/2014Thigh platform Molle ULP P10913FG6 1 482.00delivered to military unit A 0224
17/10/2014Thigh platform Molle ULP P109139 2 106.00delivered to military unit A 0224
17/10/2014Accumulator FNB - V13 Li10 3 810.00delivered to military unit A 0224
17/10/2014Head set А 025 V0310 3 070.00delivered to military unit A 0224
17/10/2014Universal holster Molle UTH H10714AFG6 994.50delivered to military unit A 0224
17/10/2014Universal holster Molle UTH H107149 1 404.00delivered to military unit A 0224
17/10/2014Rubber boots102 9 435.00delivered to military unit A 0224
17/10/2014Rain coat100 17 000.00delivered to military unit A 0224
08/10/2014Weather meter Kestrel 4500NV3 22 500.00delivered to military unit A 0224 (without documents)
15/08/2014Weather meter Kestrel 45001 5 400.00delivered to military unit A 0224 (without documents)
18/07/2014Radio Motorola DP2400 (403-527 Mhz)20 131 820.00transferred to People’s communication
02/07/2014Tablet + case1 3 250.00delivered to military unit A 0224
02/07/2014Radio set Vertex10 18 450.00delivered to military unit A 0224
Total: 248 961.25 UAH (6 808 USD)